Man sought in BLM incident

From Mirror staff reports

A man with an active felony arrest warrant out of Bedford County posted bond and was released from DeWitt County Jail in Illinois before he could be extradited to Pennsylvania to face charges related to a 2020 shooting.

Bedford County District Lesley Childers-Potts said in a news release that she was “disappointed and frustrated” that Orsino Von Thurman was released from the Illinois jail.

Thurman was among a group of activists who stopped in Schellsburg between 11 and 11:30 p.m. Aug. 24, 2020, while on the way to a Black Lives Matter rally in Washington, D.C.

For his role in the ensuing melee, in which shots were fired, Thurman faces two counts of simple assault, two counts of recklessly endangering, possession of a firearm prohibited (due to three prior convictions), criminal mischief, defiant trespass, aggravated assault and attempts to cause bodily injury with a deadly weapon.

Thurman has failed to appear in Bedford County Court to face the charges, and a felony arrest warrant was issued.

In Illinois, Thurman was charged last week with multiple offenses in DeWitt County, including domestic battery, aggravated fleeing from police, child abduction, endangering the life or health of a child and multiple counts of possession of a weapon by a felon. In addition to those charges resulting from a Sept. 15 incident, Thurman was also charged with complaint in extradition, a direct result of the outstanding Bedford County charges.

“My office and the prosecutor’s office in DeWitt County, Illinois, started a dialogue almost immediately after Thurman’s arrest,” Childers-Potts said, noting that she confirmed with Illinois authorities that her office would extradite Thurman back to Pennsylvania to stand trial.

But on Monday, Childers-Potts received notice from DeWitt County that Thurman refused to waive extradition back to Bedford County.

Bail was set on all of the charges, including the extradition case.

Before the close of businesses on Tuesday, bail was posted and Thurman was released from jail. Childers-Potts was notified Wednesday that Thurman had posted bail the day before.

“I was hopeful that the state’s attorney would be able to successfully argue for a higher bail amount,” Childers-Potts said.

“Despite the very serious charges Mr. Thurmon is facing and the multiple warrants in multiple jurisdictions, a judge in Illinois saw fit to set bail that only required $20,000 bond to be posted,” she said in a statement.

“Mr. Thurman is alleged to have broken the law in multiple states and put people’s lives at risk. The roadblocks that we are facing will not deter my office from continuing to fight to extradite Orsino Thurman back to Pennsylvania,” she stated.

According to the Illinois charges, Thurman assaulted a woman, abducted a 6-week-old baby and led police on a chase. Police reported Thurman was in possession of four firearms, including a .22-caliber rifle, a carbine rifle, a 9 mm handgun and a .22-caliber handgun at the time of his Sept. 15 arrest.


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