Cambria 911 center to get technology upgrades

PATTON — New technology upgrades are coming to the Cambria County 911 Center.

Through state funding, the center soon will be able to provide next-generation services to better assist residents, officials said during the Cambria County commissioners meeting Thursday morning at the Patton Park.

“The technology demands today are much higher than our current system was designed for,” Cambria County 911 Coordinator Robbin Melnyk said. “Our system just can’t handle the demands of the job now.”

The new system, which is funded entirely by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, will allow dispatchers to more accurately pinpoint callers.

Melnyk said systems evolved over the years from collecting a person’s phone number or address to now pinpointing their approximate location.

The new system has enhanced 3D mapping and will provide dispatchers a more accurate location, Melnyk said. It can even pinpoint which floor of a building someone is on.

“Right now, we can tell someone is at Patton Park, but we’re not sure exactly where,” Melnyk said. “With these new upgrades, we can further pinpoint it and see that they’re on the volleyball court or on the swings. It really provides more diverse location information.”

The new system will also align with 13 other programs across Pennsylvania to further establish an emergency service network.

Melnyk said Cambria County is able to share its phone system with the 13 other counties in the system, and plans are in the works for the county to be able to share its radio system as well.

“This is the vision PEMA has for more interconnectivity across counties,” she said.

A time frame for when the new system will be implemented was not announced.

Mirror Staff Writer Calem Illig is at 814-946-7535.


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