Police: Man tracked ex-coworkers

Tracking devices allegedly attached to vehicles

A Hollidaysburg man allegedly tracked his coworkers’ whereabouts using electronic devices hidden under their vehicles and harassed them through texts for more than a year, court documents stated.

Donald W. Byers, 46, was arraigned Friday by Magisterial District Judge Matthew Dunio on changes of stalking, harassment and disorderly conduct, according to court documents.

Byers’ alleged stalking began in late 2019, when a coworker received a strange text about a woman, and fellow coworker, that he was dating, police reported.

The text said the female victim no longer wanted a relationship with the male victim, and she had plenty of cousins who were at the ready if the male victim wouldn’t leave her alone, court documents stated.

When the male victim contacted the female victim about the message, she told him the message was likely sent by Byers, who wanted a relationship with the female victim, despite her refusals, police reported.

The male victim reported the message to the company all three worked for, and after an investigation, Byers was allegedly terminated.

About a year later, the female victim sent the male victim a photo of his vehicle parked outside a local restaurant, which the female victim received from a phone with a possibly “spoofed” number, police reported.

The male victim suspected Byers, but told the female victim he wasn’t sure how Byers would know where he was.

During the next few months, the female victim received multiple texts from various phone numbers containing photos of the male victim’s vehicle at different locations.

The male victim told police that in several photos his vehicle was at a location at a time few people would know.

In January, the male victim received a text from a number he did not know, in which the sender brags about “driving a wedge” between him and the female victim despite the fact it cost the sender his job.

In March, the male victim received a text from a “spoofed” phone number about stickers on his vehicle and trailer. When the male victim checked his vehicle and trailer, which were parked at his home, he found several stickers with a McDonald’s logo and the female victim’s name stuck to his bumper and trailer, police reported.

While on vacation in Florida, the male victim told police he received more texts from “spoofed” numbers about his whereabouts and activities, court documents stated.

After the male victim returned from vacation, Byers called him to talk about transferring workers from the male victim’s union to Byers’ union. The male victim said the conversation was odd, because he was not aware of Byers being affiliated with a union after being terminated from the job they both worked at in 2019, police reported.

At the end of the conversation, Byers allegedly said the male victim wouldn’t hear from him anymore, and when the male victim asked if that included an end to the text messages, Byers allegedly said yes, court documents stated.

The female victim contacted the male victim about similar problems she was having with Byers, and after explaining them to an acquaintance, the acquaintance advised checking under her car for tracking devices, police reported.

Both the female and male victims found electronic tracking devices magnetically attached to the bottom of their vehicles, a criminal complaint stated.

While serving search warrants, police found evidence linking Byers to the purchase and maintenance of the tracking devices. In Byers’ home, police discovered packaging for one of the tracking devices, stickers matching those attached to the male victim’s vehicle and trailer as well as multiple cellphones and numerous keys tagged with the male victim’s phone number, according to a criminal complaint.

Byers posted his $40,000 cash bail Friday and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, court documents stated.

Mirror Staff Writer Ike Fredregill is at 814-946-7458.


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