Police accuse man of having drugs

Suspect allegedly had syringes, heroin and meth during search

After recently arresting an Altoona man with a large amount of heroin, police spotted him engaging in suspicious behavior at a convenience store, leading to a second arrest, court documents stated.

Michael P. Vaught, 39, was arraigned Friday by Magisterial District Judge Matthew Dunio on drug-related charges, according to court documents.

Thursday evening, police reported they observed Vaught parked in a car registered to his parents at Nic’s Grab’n Go on Pleasant Valley Boulevard. Being familiar with Vaught from an arrest a few days prior, the reporting officer watched Vaught for an undisclosed period of time, court documents stated.

Eventually, another vehicle pulled in next to Vaught’s vehicle, and police reported they observed Vaught exit the second vehicle and enter the store.

Police conducted a traffic stop on the second vehicle, driven by Scott Lecomte, 33, and discovered heroin on Lecomte’s person, a criminal complaint stated.

Lecomte’s heroin was packaged in a plastic bag with the words “Light’s Out” stamped on it, police reported. Lecomte allegedly told police Vaught gave him the heroin in exchange for a ride to the store, and Lecomte added it appeared Vaught had more drugs on him, according to police.

Police returned to the store and made contact with Vaught, who was arrested and searched, court documents stated.

In Vaught’s possession, police allegedly discovered two, full bags of heroin stamped “Lights Out” and two empty bags with the same markings, a criminal complaint stated. Police noted they also discovered six blue plastic bags full of heroin on Vaught as well as two syringes and a small, plastic bag containing meth.

Unable to post his $30,000 cash bail, Vaught is currently detained at the Blair County Prison. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 4 with Dunio.

Mirror Staff Writer Ike Fredregill is at 814-946-7458.


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