Man accused of holding two hostage

Cole allegedly threatened woman, son

A Massachusetts man allegedly threatened the lives of an Altoona woman and her son last week while keeping them in a room with him throughout the night, police reported.

Brockton, Massachusetts, resident Alan L. Cole Jr., 39, was arraigned last Tuesday by Magisterial District Judge Andrew Blattenberger on charges of unlawful restraint, robbery and other assault-related crimes, court documents stated.

The victim told police Cole was in town to attend court for separate charges, and she had allowed him to stay with her until his court date Wednesday, police reported.

Cole is on parole in Massachusetts for bank robbery, the victim told police, according to court documents.

Police reported the victim said Cole had been abusing alcohol and using marijuana.

Cole’s original Blair County court date was in regard to alcohol-related crimes and fighting, court documents stated.

On Monday evening, the victim and Cole got into an argument about her loaning him money, which she eventually did, police reported.

After leaving the house, Cole returned with alcohol, then about 10:30 p.m., the victim said he picked up a large kitchen knife and followed the victim and her 16-year-old son into a bedroom, according to court documents.

Once inside, Cole allegedly locked the door and prevented the two from leaving the room while threatening to kill both the woman and her son as he held the knife to her stomach and throat, police reported.

During the night, while in the bedroom, the victim’s son stepped between Cole and the victim, and Cole allegedly struck the victim’s son in the head twice.

Cole eventually released the victim’s son Tuesday morning after she convinced Cole the teen needed to go to school, court documents stated.

Later, Cole allowed the victim to go to the bathroom and kitchen, though he followed close behind, police reported.

In the kitchen, Cole put the knife in the sink where police reported they later found it and entered the weapon into evidence.

Cole told the victim he needed her car, and when she said no, he took her keys out of her hands, police reported.

The victim’s oldest son was notified about the previous night’s events and went to his mother’s house, where court documents say he got into an altercation with Cole about the keys, and took them from Cole.

Unable to post his $75,000 cash bail, Cole was jailed at Blair County Prison.

A preliminary hearing for Cole is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 2, with Judge Daniel DeAntonio.


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