Blair County

Robert L. LaMorte and Doris Melle to Stephen J. DeOliveira and Sarah S. Sloane, property in Altoona, $182,000.

Justin D. Bigler to Frederick A. Sr., Catherine L. and Jacob L. Disher, property in Catharine Township, $153,500.

Carolyn Lunghofer to Jeanette R. Acrie, 707-709 19th Ave., Altoona, $62,500.

Phyllis R. Metzler to Christopher J. Rabits, 316 Baltzell Ave., Altoona, $75,000.

Peoples Natural Gas Co. LLC to SarSour LLC, property in Tyrone, $100,000.

Preston Dale and Anna Weaver to Kenny Brothers LLC, 1805-1807 14th Ave., Altoona, $145,000.

Nicholas B. and Samantha D. Davis to Joseph P. Ritchey and Taylor L. Dodson, property in Roaring Spring, $98,000.

Randall N. Green to Ryan A. Wetzel, property in Altoona, $439,900.

Bruce A. and Bruce Allen Ralston to Matthew D. Mason, 2408 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $24,000.

Randy L. and Barbara A. Lingenfelter to Wayne J. Vetock, property in Blair Township, $205,000.

Arthur P. and Marlene J. Sheets to Craig Damon and LuAnn Andros, 1500-1502 28th Ave., Altoona, $160,000.

Douglas T. and Erin L. Meyers to Tyler J. and Stephanie M. Wyman, property in Logan Township, $252,000.

Joni Lee Whestone to Billie Jo Fisher, 504 E. Walton Ave., Altoona, $87,000.

Skills of Central Pennsylvania Inc. to Lauren J. and Adam J. Hippo, 814 Parkside Drive, Altoona, $160,000.

Fanne Mae to Timothy and Betty Greaser, 315 Windrose Ave., Altoona, $36,500.

Thomas J. Loucks to Andrew Joseph Loucks, 2031 14th Ave., Altoona, $69,000.

Charles M. and Ana Lucrecia Macvean to Carl P. and Carol A. Beard, property in Blair Township, $295,000.

Brush Oaks LLC to Brad C. and Lindsey D. Young, property in Logan Township, $34,000.

Chelsea L. Gibbons to Bryan C. and Morgan B. Zeigler, 864 38th St., Altoona, $90,000.

Penny Kay Stroup and Penny Kay Wallace to Verilla Holdings LLC, 413 W. 16th St., Tyrone, $25,000.

Gloria S. Mied, Gloria S. McIntyre and Francis P. Mied to HNH Real Estate LLC, property in Logan Township, $84,700.

New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust to Peak Odell I LLC, property in Snyder Township, $27,000.

Robert Adams to Amy Boob, 1911 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $14,000.

Joseph R. Kull to Richard L. and Eunice R. Cox, 125-131 E. Grant Ave., Altoona, $127,000.

Tri Star Holdings Limited and Vincent P. Solimando to Irwin Property Management LLC, property in Antis Township, $850,000.

Jeffrey L. and Cindy L. Long to Jeffrey L. and Kimberly L. Dodson, property in Duncansville, $89,000.

Barbara J. Baker to Joseph F. and Jessica N. Shank, property in Roaring Spring, $97,000.

James M. Corle to Randy A. and Deborah K. Corle, property in Huston Township, $140,000.

Carol Bastin to Derek L. and Cheryl Halison Woods, property in Blair Township, $218,000.

Adam Landrin, Angela Shotter and Angela Landrin to Justin M. and Brittany N. Cogley, 621 Hickory St., Hollidaysburg, $180,000.

Joanne L. Gochnour and Joanne L. Brumbaugh-Gochnour to James W. Shopp, property in Greenfield Township, $112,000.

Richard E. and Robin L. Burchfield to Richard F. and Christine A. Moyer, property in Blair Township, $10,000.

CCTA LLC to Philip B. and Ellen L. Patterson, property in Allegheny Township, $162,000.

Debra Picano to Terry and Shelly Erickson, property in Logan Township, $178,000.

Mary Ann Mitchell to Donna L. Ogg, property in Hollidaysburg, $223,000.

Roger Ty and Pamela M. Leonard to Rand Killian, 114 Penn St., Hollidaysburg, $75,000.

Blair Investment Group LLC to Karen and Joseph Padula Jr., 908 26th Ave., Altoona, $115,000.

Margaret A. Dodson to Matthew A. and Meghan C. Roscia, property in Logan Township, $185,000.

Marion P., Chris L. and Brenda McMillian to Michaela Elizabeth Harrison and Joshua Allen Benson, 208 E. Bell Ave., Altoona, $82,500.

Robin A. Shomo to Mallary R. Hainzey, 414 Pennsylvania St., Altoona, $104,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Terry Sr. and Danielle McCully, 3928 W. Chestnut Ave., Altoona, $78,888.

Bedford County

Joyce Joanne Howsare to Colton Mearkle and Kaylan McDonald, property in Bedford Borough, $179,900.

Brian E. and Cheryl B. Stahl to Russell J. Kozerski and Patricia M. DeyoKozerski and Patricia M. Deyo Kozerski, property in Bedford Township, $498,750.

Virginia H. Bequeath and Virginia Bequeath to Kenneth L. and Paula A. Clingerman, property in West Providence Township, $48,000.

B2 Services LLC to Christ B. and Lisa A. Groff, property in Everett Borough, $64,500.

Haron K. Perry to William G. III and Leanne L. Meiser, property in Kimmel Township, $41,800.

Altoona First Savings Bank to Kevin G. and Stacy R. Ickes, property in Snake Spring Township, $205,000.

Priya Vij and Yussuf A. Ibrahim and Inderpal Singh to Akeel LLC., property in Pleasantville Borough, $400,000.

James D. and Walter F. Sutton, to Shawn M. and Jessica L. Long, property in Harrison Township, $100,000.

Bardell Wise 520 Properties to Scott A. and Tracy L. Hammond, property in Hopewell Township, $249,900.

Hilldale Trust to Mark A. Hays, property in Liberty Township, $19,900.

Pamela Benton to William C. and Kaylee N. Dunkle, property in Harrison Township, $103,000.

Daniel J. Salaj and Janis L. Salka to Steven Ritchey, property in East Providence Township, $75,000.

David M. and Lori E. Burke to Brian J. Koski and Aimee J. Premozic, property in Bedford Borough, $196,900.

Gregg A. and Roseanna J. Carbaugh and W. Howard and Regina M. Moudy to Zachary P. and Alyssa N. States, property in South Woodbury Township, $27,500.

Margaret Ellen and Margaret E. Harrison to James D. Ferguson, property in Napier Township, $103,000.

Kim Anette Kuhn to JK8 LLC, property in Kimmel Township, $27,000.

Judith A. and Judith Ann Preston to Kevin Smith and Kyra Smyers, property in Bedford Township, $150,000.

Richard G. and Eva L. Turner to James P. and Tina K. Blasko and Chad A. Swope, property in Colerain Township, $140,000.

Mary Ann Topper to Corey Lee Zimmerman and Mariah Faye Pensyl, property in Londonderry Township, $150,000.

Charlotte M. Shaffer to Devin R. Merkel, property in Hyndman Borough, $50,000.

Christopher D. and DaeLene Crouse to Joseph J. Jr. and Justin J. Belmonte, property in Lincoln Township, $85,000.

Gary L. and Susan K. Beatty to Michael R. Burkett, property in Juniata Township, $195,000.

Rhue B. Davis to Bobbie J. Dunmeyer and Amanda D. Smith, property in Napier Township, $60,000.

Elizabeth P. Sams to Joyce H. Young, property in Napier Township, $32,000.

Evelye A. and Randall A. Row to Nicole Ryba and Conor Fungaroli, property in West St. Clair Township, $125,000.

Christopher Del and Amanda Kay Turner to Kellen C. and Robin C. Brown, property in Bedford Borough, $176,000.

Linda L. Barton to Donald C. Jr. and Barbara L. Gongloff, property in Liberty Township, $79,000.

Phyllis J. Miller to Christopher D. and Amanda K. Turner, property in Bedford Township, $297,500.

Barbara Fleming to Ricky V. and Lenda R. Northcraft, property in Mann Township, $445,000.

Huntingdon County

Timothy J. Nabonzy to Timothy J. Nabonzy and Kelly Logue, property in Huntingdon Borough, $74,726.

Nora K Suba to Douglas D. and Marsha L. Sherlock, property in Huntingdon Borough, $88,500.

Charisse I. Cramer and Charisse I. Horton to Jenny L. Thurston and Matthew G. Harris, property in Mount Union Borough, $147,228.

Robert D. Gibbons to Cody A. Chilcote, property in Mount Union Borough, $90,000.

Theresa M. Bettwy to J. Donald and Yvonne M. Bowman, property in Porter Township, $134,000.

Ryan A. and Rebecca J. Hutton to Matthew Brian and Chealsi L. Schmerbeck, property in Porter Township, $159,900.

Donald A. Moore to EBT Foundation Inc., property in Rockhill Borough, $100,000.

Carol B. Engstrom Trust to Kirby L. and Tonya M. Swope, property in Springfield Township, $360,000.

Suzann Pranaitis to William F. Graham Jr., property in Todd Township, $102,000.

Erin Jean Wickersham to Brian R. Strawser and Adrienne E. Clark, property in Union Township, $14,000.

Samuel R. and Peggy A. Chilcote to Jason T. Skipper, property in Union Township, $47,700.

Roy N. and Zoraida C. Baer to Kerry Schanz, property in Walker Township, $42,000

Kelly G. Dixon to Derk A. Welch and Alissa D. Merritts, property in Walker Township, $98,000.

Mallory C. Starr, Joshua Ernest and Mallory Starr Devore to David J. and Riane A. Williams, property in Warriors Mark Township, $291,000.

Laikan C. Replogle to Robert J. Mayne Jr., property in Warriors Mark Township, $96,966.

Arley L. Knepper Estate to Florance Family Investment III LLC, property in Clay Township, $570,000.

Richard Van McCardle and Alison Baker to Rhonda L. Cramer and Shona E. Hoops, property in Cromwell Township, $178,000.

David L and Linda M. Reed Trust to Zachary A. Corbin, property in Henderson Township, $85,000.

David K. and Boni L. Ober to Jeremiah Nace, property in Hopewell Township, $195,900.

Christopher C. and Barbara A. Fisher to Bradley William and Christine Beth Eslinger, property in Huntingdon Borough, $58,000.

Jack M. Shuck Jr. to Cindy A. Lane, property in Huntingdon Borough, $140,400.

Steven C. Stagon to CPAREG LLC, property in Jackson Township, $115,000.

Raystown Country Homes LLC to Brenton C. and Emily A. Fickes, property in Juniata Township, $47,000.

Andrew W. and Amanda G. Weigl to Larry L. Jr. and Gerri Lynn Claar, property in Morris Township, $140,000.

Eric D. Fortson to Kimberly J. and Gerald E. Perkins, property in Mount Union Borough, $125,000.

Nancy B. Howe to John J. Cutshall, property in Oneida Township, $142,000.

David E. and Rosanna M. Corbin to William R. and Nyssa L. Snyder, property in Petersburg Borough, $65,000.

Ronda M. Taylor to Theresa M. Semple, property in Saltillo Borough, $47,182.

Dennis G and Dennis Gerard Knoedler Estate to Michael and Tonya Brinko, property in Todd Township, $120,000.

R. James and Lauri A. Yocum to Samuel V. III and Robin G. Hooper, property in Union Township, $50,000.

James D. and Mary A. Shuck to John M. III and Alissa N. Bailey, property in Walker Township, $204,000

Dependable Services LLC to Ricky L. and Erica D. Knepp, property in Walker Township, $85,000.

John C. Swiderski Estate to Sarah J. Wicker, property in Warriors Marks Township, $140,000.

Larry C. Groseclose to William P. Jr. and Kristin K. Hartsock, property in Warriors Mark Township, $430,000.

Sterling E. and Beverly Dianne Bechtel to Joseph Barry Boyle Jr., property in Wood Township, $52,000.

James A. Twigg Estate to Gander Properties LLC, property in Cass Township, $107,000.

Marie Diane Brown and Deborah Ann Snyder to Amy Smith-Anthony and Lee Everette Anthony, property in Cassville Borough, $80,000.

Robert R. Glasgow Estate to Christopher and Denise Muha, property in Franklin Township, $190,000.

Alicia E. Palmer to Thomas and Karolyn Jenkins, property in Henderson Township, $173,000.

Donna L. and Kenneth Lee Vaux to Fred George II and Tracy Sones, property in Warriors Mark Township, $158,000.

Sarah M. Gumo to Ian J. Dixon and Julie D. Stanbrough, property in West Township, $85,000.

Kenneth S. and Jane Z. Dumsha to Linda M. and Christine F. Houck, property in West Township, $12,500.

Lynn, Ithel L. and Nancy L. Duvall to Corey S. and Faith A. Heckman, property in Broad Top City Borough, $85,000.

Elba Zane Querry to Dorina L. Varner, property in Cass Township, $95,000.

Roger A. and Cheryl Curfman to Trenton T. A. and Kaile N. Smith, property in Clay Township, $155,000.

Richard Dean Jenkins Estate to Stephen A. and Judy A. Strickler, property in Cromwell Township, $67,000.

Fern F. Smoker Estate to Kara B. Hunter, property in Henderson Township, $30,000.

John M. Leszek and Judith M. Stringer to Steven L., Traci L., Emily D. and Brady S. Shope, property in Henderson Township, $76,440.

Brian N. Brown Estate to Christie M. Lane, property in Henderson Township, $59,240.

Paul T. and Donna M. Spahr to Kenneth L. Jr. and Amy R. Ebersole, property in Hopewell Township, $128,000.

Vincent E. Price to Dick Jr. and Amy Burke, property in Hopewell Township, $52,000.

Robert Wayne and Jennifer Ann Foster to Devin L. York, property in Huntingdon Borough, $169,900.

Jennifer J. Harader, Jennifer and Edward A. Elder to Hannah F. Gallagher, property in Huntingdon Borough, $63,500.

Elliot Detwiler Jr. Estate to John W. III and Mary H. Shortman, property in Lincoln Township, $150,000.

John E. and Nance S. D. Glantz to Sindbad Properties LLC, property in Marklesburg Borough, $69,900.

Maurice and Catharine Thompson to Daniel N. Doroschenko, property in Morris Township, $315,000.

Kevin L. and Connie L. Mills to GDS Rentals LLC, property in Mount Union Borough, $30,000.

Ellen M Woomer and Ellen M. Carper to Brenton T. and Jennifer R. Lucas, property in Penn Township, $210,000.

Kaile N. Wilson and Kaile N. and Trenton T. A. Smith to Tyler S. McKinney, property in Shirley Township, $90,000.

Emma R. Buseck Estate to Carl E. Sr. and Teressa A. Bilger, property in Shirley Township, $20,000.

Adam B. and Bobbi J. Hicks to John T. and Penny J. Waters, property in Shirley Township, $29,000.

Derek L. Devlin and Keisha Nix to Darwin Smith, property in Tell Township, $25,000.

Donald A. and D. Louise Hebbard to Barbara B. Merklinger, property in Birmingham Borough, $139,900.

Robert H. Eby to Richard H. Bock, property in Cass Township, $72,500.

Scott R. Smith to Nicholas and Kelsey R. Lonkowske, property in Clay Township, $60,000.

Thomas A. and Tom Planavsky Estate to Douglas L. and Brenda G. Zeis, property in Clay Township, $20,000.

Gerald E. and Lucinda Snyder to David A. and Kristy K. Thomas, property in Cromwell Township, $250,867.

Thomas G. and Peggy L. Stewart to Devin H. Park, property in Logan Township, $268,500.

Nicholas R. and Norma L. Dimoff to Anderson Estates LLC, property in Mount Union Borough, $10,750.


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