Police: City man hid toddler

Locklear held after doctor visit points to potential child abuse

Police arrested an Altoona man Thursday for alleged child endangerment, false imprisonment and tampering with evidence, a criminal complaint said.

Donnie L. Locklear, 31, was arraigned Friday by Magisterial District Judge Daniel DeAntonio after police visited his residence twice Thursday to perform child welfare checks.

Locklear lives with a woman and two children — a 3-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy — but police records did not state if Locklear was the children’s father.

Blair County Children, Youth and Families and the Altoona Police Department conducted a welfare visit at Locklear’s residence after receiving information about a possible child abuse situation involving the 3-year-old, court documents stated.

The 3-year-old recently visited a doctor for a black eye, but an informant told Children and Youth they didn’t believe the reason the doctor’s office was given for the injury, police said.

Upon conducting the welfare check, police said they noticed the 3-year-old had two black eyes, and Locklear told them the 1-year-old was at a relative’s house.

The children’s mother told police she could not confirm her son’s whereabouts, because she was sleeping when the police arrived, court documents stated.

Children and Youth and police visited the relative’s address, but the 1-year-old was not there, so they returned to Locklear’s.

Police arrested Locklear upon returning to his residence and finding the 1-year-old with concealer makeup covering several bruises on his face, according to the criminal complaint.

After transporting the woman and her children to the hospital, the woman told police Locklear imprisoned her in their bedroom for about a month and prevented her from seeing her children, police said.

Locklear would bring the woman food and allow her to use the bathroom, but she was not allowed into areas of the residence with the kids, according to court documents.

The woman was also allowed to visit the doctor, but when she returned home, Locklear would make sure the kids were not in view, police said.

She told police Locklear drank alcohol regularly, becoming aggressive while doing so, and during one occasion, he held a hammer while threatening to kill her, the kids and himself if she ever left, court documents stated.

When Locklear left the house, he took one of the kids with him, because she wouldn’t leave without both children, the woman told police, the criminal complaint reported.

Once detained, Locklear told police he stacked plastic boxes around the 1-year-old’s bed when police and Children and Youth officials first arrived to prevent police from waking up the child and scaring him, police said.

The bruises on the boy’s face were caused by his 3-year-old sister “popping” the boy in the face and the boy banging his head on things in frustration, Locklear told police according to court documents.

Locklear said the 3-year-old’s black eyes were from slipping on apple juice and falling — the reason given to doctors for the original black eye, police said.

The woman said the 3-year-old’s bruises were new, court documents state.

Locklear was charged with endangering child welfare by preventing or interfering with a report, knowledge or intent to obstruct a report of child abuse, assault, terroristic threats, false imprisonment and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

Unable to post his $75,000 cash bail, Locklear is jailed at Blair County Prison, and his preliminary hearing is scheduled with DeAntonio on Nov. 4.


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