Hollidaysburg fixes water line leak

The Hollidaysburg Borough Water Authority found and fixed a damaged water line that leaked an estimated 700,000 gallons, according to borough officials.

“We noticed that our tank level started to drop more than normal,” said Rick Pope, director of the borough’s water department.

Pope said his team first noticed the excess water loss on Oct. 15. They found the leak on North Juniata Street on Oct. 19 near the entrance to Legion Park after doing a system-wide detection. The following day, they fixed it. Pope anticipated the final assessment to show about 100,000 gallons having leaked per day. He said he didn’t yet have a firm cost on the loss.

He said he wasn’t sure what caused the leak, but that PennDOT was upgrading its stormwater pipes in that area about the time they noticed the water loss.

PennDOT confirmed that it did upgrade stormwater pipes in that area of North Juniata Street as part of its recently finished repaving project.

For that project, workers had to dig underneath borough water lines to install new stormwater pipes. Once workers installed the pipes, they filled the ditch with 2A subbase (a crushed rock) and compacted the rock with vibratory plates and rollers. The project ended Oct. 19.

PennDOT said it is aware of the situation and is still investigating.

“Due to the inability to make a definitive determination on the cause of the leakage, we will be in good faith, addressing the issue in cooperation with the borough,” Tara Callahan-Henry, spokeswoman for PennDOT’s local District 9 office, said in an email.

Pope confirmed he has been in touch with PennDOT to determine potential cost-sharing for the leak. New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. Inc, was the project contractor.

Pope said the leak caused no issues with flooding, and that the excess water leaked into the ground and through the new stormwater pipes which lead to the Beaverdam Branch.

Mirror Staff Writer Dom Cuzzolina is at 814-946-7428.


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