Changes suggested for housing plan

Planners say mobile home park should have more recreation area

Blair County Planning Commission members said Thursday a Logan Township development plan is generally consistent with countywide planning but needs some modifications.

The Princeton Heights Mobile Home Park land development plan calls for improvements to the existing 4.51-acre park, including construction of a community activity area parklet, asphalt roadway top coating and installation of street lights and landscaping.

The proposal also includes master plan elements for future development such as building placement consistency, aesthetics improvements with newer and similar architecture.

The site as currently configured does not meet Logan Township’s requirements regarding recreation areas within a mobile home park. This proposal seems to rectify this nonconformity by including a 1,300 square-foot recreation area; however, this will not meet the township’s requirements for the size of the recreation area based on the number of housing units, said Jamie L. Klink, regional planner.

“We would recommend the developer meet Logan Township’s requirements. We understand that this might not be feasible without removing multiple housing units. We appreciate the inclusion of a recreation area and would encourage the developer to look for opportunities in the future to increase the size of the parklet, or possibly construct additional parklets throughout the park,” Klink said.

The existing mobile homes in the park do not have dedicated paved parking spaces; this plan proposes parking spaces for each unit. But it is difficult to determine if the proposed parking spaces will allow for two spaces per mobile home lot, as required by the township, Klink said.

“The developer should ensure that all mobile home lots will have two dedicated parking spaces,” Klink said.

There are no sidewalks along Scarlett Lane, Rhett Lane or Tara Lane, nor are any proposed as part of the submission, Klink said.

“We recommend the inclusion of sidewalks along these streets within the mobile home park in order to provide adequate pedestrian circulation within the site, as well as to comply with Logan Township’s sidewalk requirements,” Klink said.


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