City woman sentenced in stabbing

Leed hopes to enter state Drug Treatment Program

HOLLIDAYSBURG — An Altoona woman who stabbed a man four times during a fight in January will be serving 3.5 to seven years in prison unless she gains admission to the state’s Drug Treatment Program.

Michele Rose Leed, 36, rendered guilty pleas Friday in Blair County Court to charges of aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person that Altoona police filed after investigating the fight.

Those offenses would typically make her ineligible for the state’s Drug Treatment Program, but the District Attorney’s Office agreed to waive objections as part of the plea agreement.

Leed, who participated in the court hearing by video from the county prison where she is incarcerated, asked Judge Daniel J. Milliron for clarity on her pending admission to state Drug Treatment Program.

She said that she could be setting herself up for a prison sentence by pleading to the offenses when she expects to gain admission to the state Drug Treatment Program, which is typically a two-year program involving a mix of incarceration, inpatient and community-based treatment options.

“I can’t guarantee your acceptance … but had the DA objected, you wouldn’t have gotten to the door,” Milliron told Leed.

Defense attorney John Siford said he spoke with Leed about the option for the state’s Drug Treatment Program in light of the lack of objection from the DA’s office.

Milliron said Siford cannot guarantee her entry into the drug program because the decision rests with the state Department of Corrections.

“I don’t think, even if God were your attorney, that he could guarantee that,” Milliron told Leed.

The negotiated sentence of 3.5 to seven years, followed by three years’ probation, addresses offenses based on the fight and in two additional criminal cases involving drug deliveries.

Leed and co-defendant, Kenneth A. Springs Jr., were on bail awaiting trial on the drug delivery cases when the fight developed at 1307 Second Ave. Police allege that the pair, in the presence of a third person, were arguing over their relationship and a drug debt owed to Spriggs.

Police said the argument became physical, with Leed allegedly stabbing Spriggs twice in the left leg, once on the left side of his body and once on his left ear. Spriggs, who took $20 from a wallet before fleeing, also faces criminal charges filed in connection with the fight, subject to review in court on June 29.

Drug selling charges filed in 2018 against Spriggs are slated for trial this year.

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