Blair cases count coronavirus down by two to four

Blair County’s coronavirus case number, as tallied by the state Department of Health, went down by two to four today, because patients initially presumed to be residents of Blair actually lived in another county, according to a DoH spokeswoman.

Sometimes a doctor who orders a test may cite a patient’s case by the address of his office or the address of the location where a specimen was taken from the patient, but the DoH slots cases according to patients’ counties of residence, said Maggi Mumma in an email.

Such an initial discrepancy — or a mistaken belief about a patient’s county of residence — accounts for the shift from the six cases listed Monday to the four listed for Blair on Tuesday, according to information provided by Mumma and by state Health Secretary Rachel Levine, as stated on the DoH’s daily webcast today.

The numbers decline does not reflect patient deaths or recoveries, as those continue to be part of the county numbers — although the DoH handles each differently, tracking the number of deaths, but not recoveries, Mumma stated.


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