Blair County

Live Well Financial Inc. to Michael III and Kassie E. Labella, property in Antis Township, $120,000.

Jason M. Kidd to Alex M. Elliott, property in Logan Township, $60,000.

Joseph L., Janathyn L. and Janathan L. Crossman to David J. and Lisa I. Woodley, Hamer Drive, Duncansville, $380,000.

John N. and Mary E. Weaver to Stephanie L. Brooks, property in Antis Township, $185,000.

Alberta R. and Wayne R. Dagaro to Freedom Storage Rentals LP, 631 Appleview Lane, Duncansville, $75,000.

Alberta R. and Wayne R. Dagaro to Freedom Storage Rentals LP, 633 Appleview Lane, Duncansville, $75,000.

Richard J. and Barbara A. Johnston to Michael W. and Dona J. Cassady, Dixie Lane, Altoona, $50,000.

Rodney A. and Barbara J. Thomas to Camela B. Ickes, Camela B. Pham and Isaac C. Fisher, property in Antis Township, $95,000.

Paul Carnell to Pyramus LLC, 211-213 Mulberry St., Hollidaysburg, $55,000.

Susan Clapper Dickman to Amy J. Hite, property in Blair Township, $210,000.

Vincent and Kristen Carolyn Fionochio and Kristen Carolyn Kos to Bryant M. and Tiffany M. Brawley, 705-07 E. Crawford Ave., Altoona, $150,000.

Marion J. Roberts to Shawn M. Heaster, 1410 19th Ave., Altoona, $56,000.

Brush Oaks LLC to Ned P. II and Marlana M. Miller, property in Logan Township, $16,000.

Careleton P. Good to Krystal D. Dyer, property in Altoona, $18,000.

William J. Bottenfield to Patrick and Angela M. Koelle, 2384 Reservoir Road, Hollidaysburg, $145,000.

Gerald J. and Marlene Halbedl to Nathan and Julia VanProoyen, property in Antis Township, $179,500.

Rebecca S. Barger to Team 3 Properties, 4000-4006 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $54,000.

Ruth A. Laird to Mallery Properties LLC, 893 Millville Road, Altoona, $28,000.

Kenneth W. and Cheryl R. Caldwell to Nathan J. and Brianna N. Caldwell, property in Freedom Township, $63,600.

5K Real Estate LLC to PSN LLC, Beale Avenue, Altoona, $15,500.

Noreen E. Gault to Steven C. and Valerie K. Shaffer, property in Tyrone Township, $225,000.

William R. Anslinger to Dennis W. Fink and Holly C. Wertz, property in Tyrone Township, $130,000.

Jesse A. Helsel to Gary D. Wyland, property in Freedom Township, $11,000.

Connie J. DeGol to Michael A. Ball, property in Logan Township, $50,000.

Thomas R. Jr. and Amy J. Brown, Sherry A. Burket and Sherry A. Lantz to Jaclynn and Josef L. Haring, 2010 Third Ave., Altoona, $36,704.

Faye L. Weaver and Ruby L. Zeek to Perry J. and Kimberly A. Tsikalas and Anthony J. and Heather J. DeStefano, property in Hollidaysburg, $207,500.

Appalachian Valley Properties LLC to Randall J. Wilson Jr., 10 W. 15th St., Tyrone, $46,000.

Dolores L. Quirin to Makowiecki Real Estate LLP, 941 Jade Ave., Altoona, $55,000.

William H. and Kathleen A. Yon to Scott N. Yon, 209 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $68,000.

Angela D. and Terry L. Diehl to Anthony M. Fayson, 2620 Dysart Ave., Altoona, $65,000.

Delores M. Taylor to Leann C. Curfman, 113 E. 24th Ave., Altoona, $109,900.

M&T Bank to Mary Anthony and Leo Zerbee, 1018 16th Ave., Altoona, $15,000.

Judith E. and Joseph L. Webber, and Robert F., Janet K. and Lawrence C. Pennington to Peter J. and Andrea M. Morina, property in Blair Township, $70,000.

Rebecca Mae Cumming to Julia Ann Cumming, property in Tyrone Township, $65,000.

Robert D. Topper to Mary Angelynne G. Esquivel, Holliday Hills Drive, Hollidaysburg, $168,900.

Rebecca Mae Cumming to Julia Ann Cumming, property in Tyrone Township, $32,000.

Sherry Stacy to Steven P. Clapper, 401 E. Crawford Ave., Altoona, $42,800.

Carol Ann Mickel to Danielle M. Hoover, 2511 Dove Ave., Altoona, $105,000.

Tammy Lynn Askey to Sharyn A. Kemberling to Guwain L. Engle, 307 First St. and 100 Third Ave., Altoona, $19,100.

Mildred M. Bowmaster to Daniel F. and Bonnie M. Summers, property in Juniata Township, $88,000.

Linda S. Shoup to Kaylee Kowalczyk and Kurt Eger, 705-11 Carl Ave., Altoona, $40,000.

David D. Poplaski to Michael D. Wilt, property in Catharine Township, $76,000.

Louis A. Vecere II, Angela M. Coleman and Erick J. Vecere to Glenn J. Westerfer, 413 27th Ave., Altoona, $85,000.

Darren Samuel Peters to Richard S. Wilt Sr., 1123 17th Ave., Altoona, $19,000.

Kathleen Lynn Butler to Kathleen R. and Susan J. Wells, property in Hollidaysburg, $162,500.

Connie L. Mauk to Keith Alan Mann and Abigail Rose Orchard, property in Greenfield Township, $139,900.

Kelly L. Bragg to Carl Brant Jr., 1004 23rd Ave., Altoona, $122,100.

Gary D. Wyland to East Freedom Properties LLC, 15745 Dunnings Highway, Duncansville, $84,000.

David A. Sr. and Genee G. Knab to Wayne A. and Jeanette L. Carn, property in Freedom Township, $32,500.

John W. and M. Kathleen McConnell to Paul J. and Nicole L. Dreibelbis, property in Antis Township, $100,000.

Warren M. Beegle to Anthony Montgomery and Sheena Weyandt-Montgomery, 211 10th St., Altoona, $24,750.

Darren S. Jr. and Christa D. Mock to Keith S. Clapper, property in Blair Township, $90,000.

Khadije Hasson to Robert M. and Judith H. Flanigan, 1121 16th Ave., Altoona, $23,500.

R. Stanley and Susan Snyder to Elizabeth Colombo Snyder and Levi D. Snyder, 516 Betts St., Hollidaysburg, $122,500.

ATS Prop Diesel Inc. to Waycool Properties LLC, 229 and 301 E. Walnut Ave., Altoona, $200,000.

Mary Lou and Norman J. Cruthers to Shawn, Brittany and William Lloyd, 1202 Third Ave., Duncansville, $90,000.

Howard E. and Linda L. Ermin and Matthew D. Rimbeck to Randy Wade Hunter, property in Logan Township, $72,000.

James D. and Betty Jane Restauri to Professional Housing Solutions LLC, property in Altoona, $60,000.

Wade Scott and Sherri L. Snyder to Jason R. and Rachel M. Nunamaker, property in Taylor Township, $80,000.

Timothy A. Morris to Angela M. Woods, 1430 Washington Ave., Altoona, $58,000.

Bedford County

Appalachian Real Estate LLC to Jessica L. Turkovich, property in Bedford Borough, $119,000.

Bennett R. Jr. and Donna M. Wagaman to Paul A., Melonie A. and Emily A. Smith, property in Cumberland Valley, $31,000.

David E. Diehl, Patricia A. Imler, Michael E., Daniel I. and Steven J. Diehl and Thomas A. Baughman to David L. Covert, property in Bedford Township, $120,000.

Judith May Garner to Todd Edward and Joni Lea Miller, property in East Providence Township, $263,000.

R. Allen Bowman and I. Melody Morris to Daniel W. and Alison M. Hostetler, property in East Providence Township, $180,000.

Linda Sue Howsare to Dalton L. and Rachel M. Foor, property in East St. Clair Township, $149,000.

Emilie J. Miller to Joshua M. and Vicki L. Corle, property East St. Clair Township $98,000.

Betty J. Snyder to MJM Rentals Inc., property in Everett Borough, $26,000.

Clearfield County

Gerald Matthew Bickle to Eric Shank, property in Westover Borough, $145,000.

Gary L. Berkley and Kathleen Kay Folmar to Kent C. and Andrea L. Yoder, property in Morris Township, $174,900.

Deborah M. Bell to Wayne R. Perry, property in Morris Township, $14,000.

Leitzinger Land Company Inc. to Riverhills Hunt LLC, property in Covington Township, $30,000.

Craig G. Labue and Dawn R. Miles to Crist A. Miller, property in Troutville Borough, $62,500.

William H. Oshall to Krysten L. Mauthe, property in Beccaria Township, $49,500.

Carol A. Roach and David E. Zatsick to Christ The King Manor Inc., Sandy Township, $200,000.

Clearfield Chamber of Commerce to CNB Bank, property in Clearfield Borough, $250,000.

Shawn R. and Donna M. McCracken to C & R Directional Boring LLC, property in Lawrence Township, $72,500.

Michael A. and Mary Ann Rudella to John Conklin and Susan Ross, property in Cooper Township, $20,000.

Michael S. and Lisa G. Ryen to Steven G. and Bernadette M. Sinclair, $45,000.

Karl F. and Brenda L. Wall to Steven M. Bressler, property in Ferguson Township, $19,500.

Velma J. Thomas and Susan J. Penick to Cody James Reed, property in Pike Township, $170,000.

Robin L. Peterson to Breanne I. Smith, property in DuBois City, $66,000.

Ryan James Ball to Merrilee J. Harer and Harer Trust, property in DuBois City, $89,000.

Marica J. Frantz and Ronald L. Collins EST to Clearfield Chamber of Commerce and Greater Clearfield Chamber of Commerce, property in Clearfield Borough, $100,000.

Daniel Duttry and Rosella A. Duttry to Kristin D. Duttry, property in Lawrence Township, $63,500.

Benjamin B. Jr. and Elizabeth E. Troyer and William K. Singer to Dennis B. and Rhonda C, Lauder, property in Lawrence Township, $15,000.

Earl L. Iraca and Melanie L. Higgins to Scott J. Weaver, property in Bigler Township, $15,000.

David F. Manos and Doris G. Manos EST to Robert and Jenifer Campolong, property in Lawrence Township, $170,000.


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