Morrisdale woman’s homicide case heads to court

Williams accused of killing husband

CLEARFIELD — The case against a Clearfield County woman accused of killing her husband and claiming it was suicide was forwarded to county court Wednesday following a preliminary hearing.

Kimberly Sue Williams, 47, of Morrisdale is facing criminal homicide and related charges for the March 14 death of her husband at their home.

Williams reportedly told police that her husband, Ronald Williams Jr., had shot himself in the head while her back was turned.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Trooper Frederick Burns testified that Kimberly Williams told him her husband kept a pistol by his bed. He was bedridden because of problems that developed after a stroke six years ago, and Kimberly Williams was his caretaker.

After Burns returned to the police barracks, he received a call from a man who was concerned because Ronald Williams Jr. had contacted him earlier saying “something wasn’t right” and that he wanted to change his will.

The individual was overseeing a trust fund for Williams Jr. that was worth over a million dollars, according to the affidavit.

Williams’ daughter also reported that he had contacted her saying he thought his wife was trying to kill him and to contest the will if something happened to him.

Burns reviewed the physical evidence, which included gunshot residue on Kimberly Williams’ left hand and on the sleeve of the dress she was wearing the day of the shooting. There was no gunshot residue on Williams Jr.’s hands.

During the investigation, it was determined that it was “physically impossible for Mr. Williams to shoot himself” due to the gunshot coming from further away than the length of his arm, Burns explained.

In addition, there were two different strands of DNA on the gun, one of which was matched to Ronald Williams Jr. The second DNA was on the handle. Kimberly Williams refused to provide a DNA sample for testing against that second strand.

In his closing arguments, her attorney, Steven Trialonis, questioned whether the corpse had been cleaned prior to being tested for gun residue because initially the death was ruled a suicide. He stated that gunpowder could have gotten on her when the gun went off. He also mentioned that she was not the sole beneficiary of the trust.

He told District Judge Jerome Nevling, who presided over the case, that there was “no evidence she pulled the trigger” and said the commonwealth had failed to make a strong enough case to send the charges on to county court.

First Assistant District Attorney Ryan Dobo pointed out in his closing that there was no one else in the home at the time of the shooting and she was the only one with gunshot residue.

After reviewing his notes, Nevling ruled that all charges be sent on to the court of common pleas for further disposition.

Kimberly Sue Williams is being held in the county jail without bail because of the nature of the charges.


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