Burglary suspect allegedly gave fake name to police

Coalport man now facing additional charges

CLEARFIELD — A Coalport man accused of burglary is now facing additional charges for lying about his identity to police in order to dodge a warrant for his arrest.

Police said on Nov. 6, Isaac Lee Krause, 18, told a Clearfield County sheriff’s deputy that his name was Damon when he was detained at a Beccaria Township, Clearfield County, residence.

Because “Damon” had a syringe and two metal spoons, he was placed into custody and put in the deputy’s vehicle. A state trooper who appeared on the scene shortly after this was able to positively identify the suspect as Krause, who had a bench warrant because he failed to appear for a preliminary hearing on the burglary charge on Oct. 30.

For the latest incident, Krause was charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and false identification to law enforcement officer.

Krause, who was scheduled in Clearfield County Central Court for preliminary hearings in all three cases Wednesday, waived his right to the hearings, sending the cases on to the court of common pleas.

The burglary charge stems from an incident in Woodward Township on Oct. 2.

State police say the owner was checking on the residence, which is posted with “no trespassing” signs, when he saw the garage door was open and noticed a vehicle parked in the brush behind the garage.

According to the affidavit, when police arrived on the scene, they took Krause and two women who were hiding near the vehicle into custody.

The females, Harley Dawn Davis, 21, Madera, and Kristin R. Ricciotti, 43, Coalport, were also charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft and receiving stolen property. They waived their rights to preliminary hearings on Oct. 9.

The complaint in the additional case — for which Krause is charged with theft and related offenses — details how he allegedly stole a wallet from a vehicle in Coalport on Sept. 26.

Krause is being held in the county jail on $105,000 total bail.


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