Tyrone skate park finds place to land

TYRONE — Borough Mayor Bill Latchford has been angling for a way to set up a skate park for kids in town who prefer wheeled, rather than ball-dependent sports.

Years ago, he proposed a $150,000 concrete structure for skateboarders, BMXers and Rollerblade users, but it didn’t happen. Earlier this year, he suggested an inexpensive portable facility for the playground on Park Avenue, but it didn’t happen either, because of objections from neighbors.

On Monday, however, Latchford obtained a tentative council consensus to buy a $6,500 modular assembly with storage shed to set up in the parking lot of the swimming pool at Reservoir Park — though only during spring and fall, to avoid conflict with pool users.

“A low-cost entry,” Latchford said. “For the action sports folks.”

“It’s a great idea,” said Councilman Thad Graham, who said his own children were “furious” when the skate park idea fell flat several months ago.

“I love (it),” said Councilman Dave Snyder, saying he’d seen a recent Facebook poll that showed enthusiasm for ramps and bowls. “(And) I like the location,” Snyder added.

Councilwoman Sarah Jane Miller predicted that neighbors near the pool lot would object, like the ones on Park Avenue.

There’s only one household, and it’s 100 yards away, but he’ll speak to the members to ensure they’re OK with it, Latchford said, adding that council’s OK would be contingent on what he found out.

If it turns out that the pool parking lot won’t work, the borough can look for somewhere else, Snyder said.

The money can come from the community enrichment fund, which receives $120,000 a year from the company that operates windmills on mountain ground owned by the borough.

“It’s a place to start,” Latchford said of the skate park effort.

“I see no problem,” said Councilman Terry Richardson.