Electrical contractor made purchase for high school project

An A1 story published on Tuesday incorrectly stated the Altoona Area School Board’s general contractor, J.C. Orr & Sons, as the party involved with a recent purchase necessitating a change in how the board manages its bonds for the high school building project.

The correct company involved was the electrical contractor of the project, the Farfield Co.

The school board discussed at a meeting last week how, foreseeing price hikes on building materials because of tariff changes, the contractor made a purchase of certain materials to be staged for the building project.

The Mirror made calls last Friday to J.C. Orr & Sons, the general contractor, about the purchase, but the company leaders could not be reached.

Upon publication of the story Tuesday, the school district corrected the Mirror, clarifying that it was the Farfield Co. that made the materials purchase.

Specifically, electrical materials were the items purchased quickly by Farfield leaders who foresaw concerns about prices later rising because of tariffs.

The school district permits contractors to buy materials needed in the building plans when it is most cost beneficial to do so, school officials said.

Farfield Co.’s procurement manager declined to comment Tuesday on the benefit the company saw in purchasing materials when it did, as he did not have the information available, he said.

Other information in the story also was inaccurate.

The article should have stated that as a result of the gap from April to July, the district had to scramble to find a way to make a $2 million payment early to Farfield.

The board decided the best course of action was to adjust by managing its bonds differently.

As a result of the change to adjust for the timing difference, the school board expects about $69,000 less in potential interest earnings.