Central Cambria considers upgrades

EBENSBURG — The seating capacity at a Central Cambria School Board meeting was filled Monday when the board decided to contract with Eckles Architecture and Engineering for potential athletic facility upgrades costing millions.

In January, a committee of district residents and administrators was formed after Ebensburg Borough resident Randy Seymour had seen more advanced athletic facilities at nearby districts and asked board members to consider upgrading Central Cambria’s facilities.

“The board gave me approval to have us do a deep dive into a long-term plan for the outdoor athletics,” Seymour said. “We met with all the coaches and administrators and created a wish list and a needs list.”

The needs list that he proposed includes an eight-lane track, new field turf and bleachers at the district’s stadium and a new multipurpose field to be located where the football team currently practices. According to Seymour, the proposed upgrades would cost between $7.5 and $9.5 million, and those involved in the project hope to start the permitting process in December.

“We all know that most of the infrastructure at the soccer and football field is about 50 years old,” he said. “A lot of the expense that will happen down there is stuff you and I won’t be able to see.”

Seymour said the stadium’s existing buildings would be revamped so that the restroom areas would become one big restroom for men, and the current concessions area would be turned into a larger restroom for women.

He also said the current baseball field would become a parking lot, and the multipurpose field would host all future baseball, softball and soccer games once the project is complete.