Red tag lifted after inspection

The city’s Department of Codes & Inspections has lifted a prohibition of occupancy on a Beale Avenue apartment, after an inspection that followed a Code Appeals Board hearing showed the man who lived there had made the necessary improvements.

The department lifted the “red tag” Friday, after the board had adjourned its Thursday hearing without reaching a decision on whether Robert Davis could move back into his one-bedroom accommodations on the 2500 block.

The department had red-tagged the apartment after a regular rental inspection of the four-unit building showed Davis had an accumulation of belongings that blocked doorways, a window and electrical outlets and a room that was padlocked with no key on the premises — all of which created egress and fire hazards for apartment house residents, officials said.

Two subsequent inspections, which occurred after extensions were granted, showed insufficient progress.

At the hearing, Davis complained of not being notified directly at first of the problem, of being ignored, then condescended to by an inspector, of bias by the inspector and of needing clarification about what was expected of him.

He showed pictures he’d taken of the apartment interior since the last inspection, but they didn’t disclose enough for the board to decide, according to Chairman Brian Durbin.

The accumulation in the apartment included no trash or debris, said Codes Director Rebecca Brown.

Not only that, but the belongings were “orderly,” said landlord Greg Badorrek. “But still too much,” he added.

“It got a little away from me,” Davis confessed at the hearing, after he’d become more cooperative. “Tell me what you need to do, and I’ll do it.”

The red tag was in force for about two weeks, during which Davis could be in the apartment only during the day, so he could do the necessary work, Brown said.

Brown, two code officers, a member of the board and the fire inspector attended Friday’s inspection, to ensure objectivity.

“We were pleased at what we saw,” Brown said. “It resulted in something good.”

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 949-7038.