Courthouse work in final ‘push’

Restoration to be complete by end of September

HOLLIDAYSBURG — The restoration work on the second floor of the Blair County Courthouse is moving into the final weeks, with possible completion at the end of September.

Inside the 1875 courtroom bordering Allegheny Street, contractors have been installing lights that make the newly painted ceiling shine. A former state seal with two horses has been removed, exposing an artistic scales of justice that was returned to its original beauty.

It’s going to be “a push” to get done by the end of September, project architect David Albright advised commissioners Tuesday.

But efforts are falling into place, Albright said, and that should continue for the next seven weeks.

“We try to make sure no one is sitting around waiting for someone else to get something done so they can do something,” Albright said.

In response to Albright’s report, Commissioners Chair­­man Bruce Erb asked Tuesday for a summary of the completed and pending work. Albright indicated that he would supply one and said that unlike general construction work, this project’s progress has been heavily dependent on the heating, ventilating and air conditioning replacement work.

Commissioner Ted Beam Jr. referenced the appearance of the ongoing work site that’s been closed since June 2018.

“Just from walking through there,” Beam said, “it looks like there’s an awful lot of work to do.”

The visible work involves a lot of finishing tasks, Blair County Director of Public Works Rocky Greenland said after the commissioners meeting.

Finishing tasks include things like painting, drywall and carpeting. It also includes installation of furnishings that have been under construction and restoration by state prisoners — one of the last jobs that will be undertaken before the courtroom is to open for use.

“The big items, the stuff that takes time, that’s done,” Greenland said. “I think this project is right where it needs to be at this time.”

Mirror Staff Writer Kay Stephens is at 946-7456.