Police: Former patient made threats

Mbae accused of threatening to kill UPMC staff

A former patient at UPMC Altoona faces charges after he allegedly pushed his way into a secured nurses station and threatened to kill staff.

Stewart Mbae, 22, no known address, was arrested Wednesday after he was discharged from UPMC Altoona Behavioral Health unit where on Tuesday, he allegedly became combative with staff and threatened to stab people, according to UPMC Altoona police.

“He was violent and out of control,” Sgt. Robert Archey wrote in the charges filed before Magisterial District Judge Daniel DeAntonio.

From 8:30 to almost 10 p.m. Tuesday, staff and UPMC Altoona police tried to get Mbae to calm down as he allegedly pushed his way into a secured nurses station, made threats and threw food and other kitchen items around one of the unit’s day rooms.

Mbae, who is 5-foot-9 and weighs 132 pounds, was clinging to a metal book shelf in the nurses station and was looking for something he could use as a weapon as staff and responding hospital police officers tried to get him under control, police contend.

Mbae threatened to stab one officer, Cpl. Sam McClure, in the “left carotid” — an artery in the neck — and at one point was throwing food and kitchen supplies in one of the day rooms. He then left and told McClure again he was going to stab and kill him, according to the charges.

Then as McClure and staff followed him back to the area near his room, it was noticed that Mbae had a shank — fashioned out of a plastic spoon he got from day room — concealed it in his hand.

Police said the incident ended when Archey grabbed Mbae from behind and he dropped the shank. Officers then placed him in the “secured seclusion room.” He now face charges of felony aggravated assault and criminal trespass.

Bail was set at 10 percent of $20,000 by Magisterial District Judge Daniel DeAntonio on Thursday, and Mbae remains in Blair County Prison. A preliminary hearing at Central Court is scheduled for Wednesday.