Police: Fireworks spark confrontation

City man accused of tossing explosives onto street, sidewalk

A city man faces multiple charges over fireworks.

According to the charges filed by Altoona police, Christofer Myers, 41, of 118 E. Fourth Ave., was allegedly drunk and throwing fireworks onto the street from his porch about 7 p.m. June 23. The officers recognized the address because police were dispatched to Myers’ house at least three times in a nine-day period to speak with him about similar behavior that resulted in a citation on June 17.

Myers was sitting on his porch and told police that he had been throwing Silver Salute Premium Crackers and Chinatown Red Snap Crackers from his front porch and in front of his house, police said. Nearby neighbors also told police Myers was throwing the fireworks, and one neighbor claimed she had asked Myers several times to stop, police noted in the charges.

When the neighbor asked Myers to “please stop” because he had been throwing the fireworks all day, Myers allegedly tossed fireworks in her direction. The more she asked Myers to stop, the more fireworks he threw.

Police told Myers he would be charged and that he cannot throw fireworks due to a city ordinance. When police left Myers’ house, he allegedly started throwing fireworks that could be heard by other police officers who were standing at Lloyd Street and East Fourth Avenue.

On June 28, police returned to Myers’ house about 8 p.m. for a report of a drunk man throwing fireworks onto the street, according to court records. When officers arrived to the house, Myers was sitting on the front porch and asked officers, “What’s going on?” as he was drinking a 40 oz. beer and had a large bag of large firecrackers by his feet.

Myers then said, “What didn’t I do now?”

Police told Myers they had asked him to stop throwing fireworks on several occasions and Myers responded, “It doesn’t matter” and “It’s my right to do it.”

Myers then challenged police to “Arrest me, charge me with something,” and he was told the state statutes and city ordinances prohibit him from lighting or discharging fireworks at his house and attempted to further explain how he could be charged.

The neighbor who called police claimed that when she tried to get in her car and leave, Myers threw two or three firecrackers onto the sidewalk, police noted in the charges.

Police said the neighbor claimed it scared her and she walked back in her house. After a short period of time, the neighbor tried to leave again, and Myers threw two or three more firecrackers onto the sidewalk.

The location Myers set off the fireworks is 150 feet within an occupied structure.

Myers now faces misdemeanor charges in two cases that include disorderly conduct unreasonable noise, disorderly conduct hazardous and related summary charges including occupant of disorderly house and fireworks. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Aug. 7 before Magisterial District Judge Dan DeAntonio.