Parking Authority begins garage maintenance work

The Altoona Parking Authority has undertaken a pair of parking garage maintenance projects costing a total of $500,000.

It recently awarded a $178,000 contract to reseal the garage floor, except for the roof level.

It had previously awarded a contract for $322,000 to replace the elevator for the garage.

The authority has taken out a $200,000 loan from M&T Bank to help fund the work.

The authority is paying for the resealing with $61,000 from the city’s capital budget and loan money, according to authority Executive Director Patrick Miller.

It is paying for the elevator with $335,000 in city Community Development Block Grant money and $30,000 from the loan, according to Miller and information provided in a packet at a recent City Council meeting.

The resealing is critical for preserving the concrete of the garage floor, which was repaired and resealed in a six-year, $2.5-million project that ended in 2010.

The current project will involve removal of old sealant and reapplication of new, Miller said.

There are multiple bad spots, mainly where salt-bearing snow melted off vehicles.

Some of those spots are in areas where cars turned to go from one level to the next, based on a walk through the garage with Miller.

The roof level was not included because the surface there is undamaged, as few cars venture that high, according to Miller.

The authority is confident with Nathan, which is the firm that did the renovations, Miller said in answer to a question from board member Bruce Johnstone.

The contract for the resealing is $3,000 less than the estimate of engineer Andy Arnold of Gwin Dobson & Foreman.

The bid documents in­cluded provisions for reducing the scope of the project if the bids came in too high, but that wasn’t necessary, according to officials.

The cost includes $35,000 for mobilization, signage and vehicle controls, Miller said.

The authority is replacing the elevator because there were frequent problems opening the door, which forced firefighters to trip the latch mechanism with a special tool.

The issues reached a climax last fall when attendees at the Zombietown festival became trapped and opening the doors to free them caused damage.

As a corollary to the elevator project, there will be Americans with Disabilities Act upgrades to the Trans­portation Center, including creation of a rescue assistance area and installation of signage.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 949-7038.


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