Clearfield break-in results in prison time

City man receives 15 months to 3 years’ sentence

CLEARFIELD — An Altoona man will be spending time in state prison for breaking into a Clearfield County residence.

According to Sandy Town­ship police, Ronald Argro, 40, broke the glass door of a home on Reynolds Avenue on Jan. 26, frightening the resident, who called for help.

On Tuesday in Clearfield County Court, Argro pleaded guilty to felony criminal trespass, misdemeanor loitering and prowling at night time as well as a summary count of criminal mischief. President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman sentenced him to 15 months to three years in state prison.

He must also pay $1,950 in restitution.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the victim reported that after she heard the glass in her door breaking, she locked herself in a closet and called 911.

Following the footprints from a neighbor’s home that had an open door, to the victim’s house, an officer came to the back, where he saw a man with his right arm inside a broken window in the door. The man was or­dered to the ground and he complied.

The suspect, identified as Argro, was bleeding profusely from his wrist and hands, leaving blood all over him and the porch.

As he was handcuffed, Argro said there was someone after him at the neighboring residence.

Officers were unable to locate anyone else, and there was only one set of footprints in the fresh snow.

When questioned, Argro said he had purchased a large TV and returned back to the Reynolds Avenue address via an Uber driver who helped him carry the TV into the house. He went outside to thank the driver.

When he returned inside, he saw a male with a black hood behind the TV, he said. He said ran outside and then back in where he heard someone going up the stairs. That is when he ran outside looking for help, he said.

Argro stated that he knocked on the neighbor’s door and a female came to the door but refused to call police. He said he was so scared he tried to get into that residence so he could call police.

The victim said she never came to the door and ran to her closet when she heard the pounding on her door.

Argro, who only had wool socks on his feet, was taken by EMS for treatment.