NAC employee not surprised by closure

Woman: Firm’s Mexico plant was shuttered in March

DUNCANSVILLE — An employee of North Ameri­can Communica­tions who lost her job Monday when the Duncansville plant closed, said she was not surprised by the closing.

The employee asked not to be identified.

“The people in the office weren’t. We all knew it was coming. At 3 p.m. Monday Rob Herman (company president) arrived and said the bank had pulled out, and they were filing for bankruptcy,” said the woman, who worked in customer service. “I was not surprised, not at all. It had slowed down. We were not getting as many orders. It had nothing to do with technology.”

The closing left approximately 200 people, including some longtime employees, without a job.

“We had one guy who just celebrated 40 years with the company,” the woman said.

The woman also said the company’s human re­sources director and CFO had left the company within the last few weeks.

The woman also said NAC’s plant in Mexico closed without warning in March.

“They gave the employees a long weekend, and when they came back to work Tuesday, the building was locked up. There was a note on the door saying bankruptcy,” the woman said.

The woman said she wouldn’t be surprised if there is still mail sitting in the production area.