Giving fake name results in arrest

From Mirror staff reports

A man in Altoona gave police another man’s name that he then spelled two different ways during his arrest last weekend.

Robert McCoy Doyle, 49, no fixed address, was taken into custody about

5:30 p.m. in a yard on the 100 block of East Sixth Avenue after police were called for a man acting odd at a nearby convenience store.

Police said Doyle said he was “just cutting through” the yard, although police said it was a fenced-in yard, with no way to cross through.

Doyle’s eye’s were like pinpoints, police said, and he appeared to have dried blood and track marks on his shins.

Doyle initially identified himself as having the last name Rightenour, but when he gave the full name and birth date, police couldn’t find a match.

It was then that he gave police the spelling, “Wrighthour,” according to the complaint.

Police said a man with the same name and a different birth date was in the system and they were able to rule him out through his picture.

It was the birth date Doyle gave that then led to a photograph that police could use to identify him as Doyle, along with a snowman tattoo on his left arm. Police noted Doyle admitted to giving a false name to try to avoid getting any charges and fines.

Doyle was jailed in lieu of $20,000 cash bail and is scheduled to appear at Central Court on May 22 for a preliminary hearing.


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