Williamsburg to improve municipal water system

Authority slated to receive $4.3M low-interest loan

HARRISBURG — Rep. Jim Gregory, R-Blair, announced a $4.3 million low-interest loan to be awarded to the Williamsburg Municipal Authority for improvements to the municipal water system and new access to private wells along Ridge Road.

Williamsburg Municipal Authority will receive a $4,384,420 loan with an initial interest rate of 1.112 percent for the first five years, then a rate of 1.863 percent for the balance of the 20-year loan, through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority.

The project calls for installation of a new well pump, construction of a new disinfection system, installation of two new pump stations, replacement of 7,300 feet of asbestos cement waterline and installation 3,700 feet of new waterline.

The new waterline along Ridge Road will be used to connect new customers in an area with private wells that struggle in drier months.

“I’m pleased PennVEST was able to provide financing for this important project. Access to clean water is fundamentally important, and this loan will help Williamsburg Municipal Authority reach even more people in the community,” Gregory said.

PennVEST provides low-interest loans for design, engineering and construction of publicly and privately owned drinking water distribution and treatment facilities as well as storm water and wastewater projects.


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