Political sign flap flares in Logan

Friends squabble over removal of campaign placard

It’s axiomatic that talking politics can cause family flaps.

At a Logan Township supervisors meeting, it caused a falling-out between friends.

Township resident Ed Kreuz, a candidate for the magisterial district judge seat of retiring Steve Jackson, complained about Super­visor Joe Metzgar having asked him recently to remove a campaign sign from the right-of-way on Avalon Road — a request Kreuz said he suspects was meant to benefit one or both of two township police officers running for the same magisterial district judge seat.

“I’m disappointed in you,” Metzgar replied, clearly offended, adding that he would remove his own supervisor campaign signs from Kreuz’s property, where he’d obtained permission to place them. “I thought of you as a friend,” Metzgar added.

“I thought you were my friend, too,” Kreuz said.

“You threw me under the bus,” Metzgar said, adding that a private phone call to straighten out the matter would have been more appropriate.

In addition to Metzgar’s request for the removal of the sign on Avalon Road, the township highway crew also took signs he’d placed along Park Avenue, Kreuz said.

As with Metzgar’s request, that removal was suspicious, given the two Logan officers’ running against him and given that when he ran for school board a couple years ago, he placed 300 signs in the same places and nothing was said or done about them, Kreuz said.

None of the supervisors are publicly supporting the officers who are running, as agreed on before the campaign, said supervisors Chair­man Jim Patterson.

The signs on Park Avenue were removed because they would have interfered with mowing by the highway crew, officials said.

“I feel I’m being singled out,” Kreuz said.

The tiff might have continued, but Patterson urged the combatants to desist.

Afterward, Metzgar de­clined to elaborate.

A township ordinance prohibits placing political signs on township right-of-way, such as along Avalon Road, said Planning Di­rector Cassandra Schmick.

Similarly, the township prohibits the placing of political signs in its parks, including the linear park along Park Avenue, where Kreuz’s signs were removed for mowing, Schmick said.

The mowing crew has removed others’ political signs also, she said.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 949-7038.