Police dog flushes woman out of laundry pile

Pfahler now faces felony flight to avoid apprehension

A woman wanted by Blair County sheriff’s deputies is in jail after she was flushed out of a pile of laundry by a police dog.

Coreina M. Pfahler, 48, was hiding inside 231 1/2 Fifth Avenue on Thursday when sheriff’s deputies, along with their K-9 officer, Rik, arrived at the home with a half-dozen outstanding bench warrants for her arrest, according to charges filed before Magisterial District Judge Daniel DeAntonio.

Deputies had received a tip that Pfahler was at the home, and after speaking to someone at the residence, they learned she was hiding in the basement.

Deputies positioned themselves at the top of the stairs leading into the basement, along with the dog, and yelled for Pfahler to come out. Deputies identified themselves and yelled they would send the dog in, according to the charges.

“Come out now or I am sending my dog, and you will get bit,” Deputy Justin Bennett yelled to Pfahler.

Pfahler was also told she had 30 seconds to comply, and when she did not, the deputies and dog moved down the stairs and repeated the threat to send in the dog. After Pfahler ignored repeated attempts to get her to come out, the dog was released.

Rik located Pfahler under piles of clothes and blankets next to a dryer, and when she was told to show her hands, she yelled out that she had been bit, according to the charges.

Pfahler was taken into custody, and AMED was called in to treat Pfahler’s arm. She was allegedly rude to the medical responders and refused to sign any documentation or give them any information when she was treated.

Pfahler now faces a charge of felony flight to avoid apprehension and is scheduled to appear at Central Court on May 1.