Penn State student jailed on drug charges

A Penn State Altoona student is in jail after he allegedly sold marijuana to a police informant.

Jalen W. Archie, 23, of Norcross, Ga., was arrested Wednesday evening at his 2710 Oak St. address in Altoona after Archie allegedly turned over

2 ounces of marijuana for $360, according to charges filed by Altoona police.

Police allege the informant arranged to buy the

2 ounces of pot from Archie, known to her as JD on the Snapchat app, and about 7:30, she was taken to his Oak Street home with marked bills and walked out a minute later with the pot.

Officers took Archie into custody after the alleged sale and noted he attempted to get rid of evidence by tossing marijuana, scales and packaging material out a window when cops arrived at his door.

An officer who was positioned to watch that side of the building saw Archie throwing the items from the window and a woman who was inside with Archie confirmed to police that when Archie heard officers announce, “Police,” he started trying to ditch evidence.

Police said Archie threw 12 grams of pot out the window along with the scales and plastic bags.

Archie allegedly confessed that he was JD and that he sold the marijuana. He also told officers he had another 7 grams of pot in his room.

Police said they recovered the $360 in buy money among the $760 in cash sitting in a dresser drawer, along with three individually packaged bags of pot.

Archie was booked on felony and misdemeanor drug charges as well as a charge of tampering with evidence. Bail was set at a total of 10 percent of $50,000 and Archie is due at Central Court on May 1 for a preliminary hearing.