Controlled burn set at Prince Gallitzin

Prince Gallitzin State Park will conduct a one-day prescribed burn in a field management area within the park, officials have announced.

The prescribed burn fields, totaling 28 acres, is located along Long Road between Headache Hill and the Killbuck Launch Area.

The purpose of the burn is to enhance the warm season grass field habitat for wildlife, control the growth of competing vegetation species and encourage native regeneration.

The prescribed burn is planned to take place this week, pending suitable weath­er conditions to ensure that the fire and smoke can be controlled properly throughout the burn and that the ecological goals are met. If the weather conditions are not suitable, the prescribed burn will be re­scheduled for later in April.

Local citizens may see water tanker trucks, fire, smoke and other activities along Long Road. This activity is normal and is part of efforts to ensure a safe and successful completion to the resource management tool.

A portion of Long Road will be closed to the public until the controlled burn is over.

For more information, contact the Prince Gallitzin State Park office at 674-1000.


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