City man allegedly strangled girlfriend

A city man faces charges after police say he strangled his girlfriend during an argument.

Justin C. Means, 41, of Altoona, was arrested Wednesday night at his father’s home after the alleged incident about 7:30 p.m. on the 2200 block of Union Avenue.

The incident allegedly started while the Means and his girlfriend were at a city bar drinking and Means received a call on his phone from another woman.

According to the charges, the two got into a brief argument at the bar and the girlfriend walked out to head home. When she arrived home, she found Means inside, and when the argument started up again, Means allegedly hit his girlfriend in the face about three times.

The woman told police “she wouldn’t shut up” so Means held her against the wall by her neck. She said Means would apply pressure, then loosen his grip and again apply pressure to her neck. The girlfriend told police she couldn’t breathe and “it felt like my eyes were gonna pop out,” according to the criminal complaint.

When Means would loosen his grip, his girlfriend allegedly told him to get out and that he needed to leave, she told police. Police noted the woman had swelling below one of her eyes and it was turning black and blue. She also had red marks on her neck that police said were indicative of strangulation.

After Means strangled her several times, he suddenly stopped and called his father, the girlfriend told cops.

When police caught up with Means, he said the pair did argue after a female friend called him and after he walked to their home, his girlfriend arrived a half-hour later. Means told police his girlfriend “kept running her mouth” and ultimately attacked him. Police said Means said he “restrained” his girlfriend and he caused her nose to bleed when he “held her to the couch.”

Means was arraigned Thursday morning on a charge of felony strangulation and a misdemeanor count of simple assault.

Means was released on an unsecured $25,000 bond and Means is scheduled to appear at Central Court on May 1.