Metzgar running for re-election

Logan Township Super­visor Joe Metzgar plans to run in the Republican primary in hopes of winning a nomination and then being re-elected in November.

Metzgar, 75, of Homers Gap Road, stated in a written announcement that he listens to all sides of an issue, researches those issues as needed, doesn’t cast “automatic” votes, has no hidden agenda and often considers how he would feel about an issue if it applied in his own neighborhood.

He supports business ex­pansion “but not at the expense of our neighborhoods,” he said.

He opposes “unfunded mandates” from the state and federal governments and supports pushing elected officials to fund or repeal those mandates, he said.

He supports the acquisition of proper equipment for the police department and has voted for body and dashboard cameras and cruiser laptops, he said. He also supports the K9 police dog program.

Metzgar, a retired state auditor, first for revenue and later for Medicaid, also supports continued proper funding of the volunteer fire departments, he said.

The terms of Metzgar and Supervisor Ryan Rimbeck are expiring at the end of the year.


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