Kreuz plans district judge bid

Current AASD board member to run on both sides of ballot


From Mirror staff reports

Ed Kreuz Jr. has announced he will run for magisterial district judge in the primary on both the Republican and Democratic ballots.

Kreuz cited his role as a member of the Altoona Area School Board in his candidacy to serve Magisterial District 24-3-02, which encompasses Allegheny and Logan townships and part of Tunnelhill Borough. Kreuz lives on Quartz Lane in Logan Township.

“My track record shows that I have unfailingly voted for programs that would directly benefit our students and against those that add a financial burden to taxpayers,” the 52-year-old Kreuz said in his announcement. “I am ready to expand my service to a broader base. Even so, I believe in term limits as a way to maintain humility and impartiality among those in public office; therefore I will limit my service to two terms.”

Kreuz, a Juniata businessman who was born and raised in Altoona, graduated from Altoona Area High School and attended the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center.

“Having built my life and my business here, I see issues from the same perspective as my fellow community members,” Kreuz noted. “I believe that this is an advantage; coming from the same background as the people I serve, and with my family here, I am determined to be a compassionate and firm district magistrate. Unlike others who seek election as district magistrate, I have no links to the lawyers and law enforcement personnel who will come to my office. I see this as an advantage because I will be unencumbered by ‘connections’ or ‘buddies’ as I listen to both sides of issues in the performance of my duties.

“For this reason, the duties of district magistrate are best fulfilled, not by affiliates of the legal system — former judges, police officers, etc. — but, by a person without the kind of ties to law enforcement agencies that could bias the judgments of the magistrate,” Kreuz said.

Kreuz stressed this shows the magisterial district judge is “to serve as a peer of those seeking justice from a qualified common-sense member of their own community.”

More information on Kreuz and his campaign can be found on Facebook at Ed Kreuz Jr. for Magistrate District Judge, https://www.facebook.com/kreuzfordistrictjudge/


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