Magisterial District Judge

Filed before California Avenue Magisterial District Judge Steven D. Jackson:

Jimmy Evans, 57, 1704 Bellemeade Drive, Altoona, charged by Logan Township police with possession of drug paraphernalia at his residence May 12. Guilty plea entered July 19.

Abby Isenberg, 193 Becker Road, Tyrone, charged by Sel-Lo Oil, 7043 Ellenberger Drive, Altoona, with writing a bad check Feb. 27. Charge was withdrawn Aug. 23.

Brandon E. Shook, 29, 2151 Hixton Road, Duncansville, charged by Allegheny Township police with simple assault and harassment at his residence July 3. Charge of harassment was moved to nontraffic court; other charge was withdrawn Aug. 23.

Carrie R. Smith, 41, 1133 Mifflin St., Huntingdon, charged by Allegheny Township police with making a materially false written statement, unsworn falsification to authorities and disorderly conduct at Boyz Hydrographic Imaging, 71 Jennifer Road, Duncansville, March 6. Charge of disorderly conduct was moved to nontraffic court; other charges were withdrawn Aug. 23.

Charges held for court Aug. 16-23:

Cassandra F. Sharer, 34, 7014 Bennett St., Pittsburgh, charged by Target, 153 Sierra Drive, Altoona, with retail theft Dec. 24, 2017.


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