Hollidaysburg gallery shows students’ art

HOLLIDAYSBURG — Now through Jan. 31, Hollidaysburg Area School District student artworks are featured at the 321 Gallery at 321 Allegheny St., Hollidaysburg.

“Part of the beauty of art is getting the chance to show it to world. As educators, we want to teach our students to be proud of their creations and to let others enjoy their work by putting it on display,” said Alysia Watt, who chairs the district’s art department.

“This gallery venue gives the students the chance to have their art displayed in a professional gallery. It is an amazing feeling for the student artists to have their work chosen and displayed in 321 gallery,” Watt added. “Students feel accomplished and have a sense of pride to have their work viewed by the public. For students that don’t have a strong connection to sports, specific school subjects, music or other hobbies: this may be the place where they shine. As our art program develops, we are seeing a notable growth in the amount of students that pursue art after high school.”

The show features about 380 students, from kindergarten through grade 12. The gallery provides the gallery at no cost to the district for the monthlong showing, Watt said. In the upper levels, all of the student artists are represented. In the elementary levels and junior high levels, each art teacher chooses the most unique pieces throughout the units.

The works by high school students range from framed, charcoal portraits to transportation-themed colored-pencil drawings, exploratory art Im­pres­sion­ism-inspired paintings and Fauve-inspired landscape paintings. For elementary students, pieces include time period art, seasonal art, sewn animals and mixed media pieces.

“We are grateful (to 321 Gallery) as they support us and our young artists,” she said. The gallery is owned by Chabela Grab and her son, Pete Grab.

Staff writer Patt Keith is at 949-7030.


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