Two wanted for bar burglaries

Altoona police are searching for two suspects and have arrested a third in the string of bar burglaries or attempts that occurred over a span of two months.

The two wanted suspects are Jordan Ramsey and Ryan M. Wolfe.

Ramsey is a 29-year-old white male with brown hair and blue eyes. He is 6 feet tall and weighs about 215 pounds.

Wolfe is a 38-year-old white male with red hair and brown eyes. He is also 6 feet tall and weighs about 200 pounds.

The last known address for both suspects is 3002 Broad Ave., Altoona.

Suspect Taylor Lynn Wunder, a 24-year-old female, also of the same address, had a preliminary arraignment Oct. 31 and a preliminary hearing Nov. 7 for charges of criminal conspiracy aiding in a burglary and possessing instrument of a crime.

Eight bars were hit in September and October, one of them burglarized twice.

The Cantina was burglarized once in September and once in October.

The Kettle Inn was the first bar hit in mid-September. In October, Ajay’s, the Trianon, Petey’s Food and Spirits, Teriz Place, Frank & D’s and Molly Maguire’s were all burglarized.

The doors of all the bars were opened with some type of pry bar, according to a police criminal complaint. Bars successfully broken into reportedly had damage to cigarette machines and PA Skills touch games and some cash and change were stolen.

Because of the series of burglaries, an officer watched bars during a midnight shift to try and pinpoint the burglars.

On Oct. 21, the officer observed a black Kia Sorento drive slowly along Fifth Avenue past the Black and Gold Tavern, circling the bar a couple of times before appearing to notice the officer and departing suddenly, states the complaint.

The officer then allegedly did a traffic stop on the 600 block of 31st Street and identified Wunder as the driver of the vehicle. Ramsey and Wolfe were also reportedly in the car and dressed in all dark clothing.

The three of the suspects all gave different stories to police, according to the complaint.

Officers reportedly saw a black pry bar, a long wooden handle of another tool, an electric drill with a large drill bit, two pairs of gloves and a pair of bolt cutters in the vehicle.

The same night the three suspects were pulled over was the same evening Cantina had another attempted entry. Police allegedly found several fresh pry marks on the bar’s door.

Video footage shows a dark colored SUV driven by a female exiting the vehicle and returning to it as two males dressed in dark clothing exit the car and appear to try to enter Cantina, states the complaint.

The felony warrants for Ramsey and Wolfe are for four counts of burglary, nine counts of criminal conspiracy, four counts of theft, four counts of receiving stolen property, nine counts of criminal mischief, nine counts of possessing instruments of a crime and five counts of criminal attempt, according to the police’s Facebook page.

Ramsey also allegedly faces an additional warrant for possessing a firearm with an obliterated serial number.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the two suspects can call 911 or the Altoona Police Department at 949-2489. A private Facebook message can also be sent.

Wunder has an unsecured bail of $50,000. Her formal arraignment is set for 8:30 a.m. Dec. 14.

Mirror Staff Writer Shen Wu Tan is at 946-7457.


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