Bedford proposes raises

BEDFORD — Four more Bedford County departments are looking to raise staff salaries among other budget items for 2019.

Both the auditor and planning commission expect to spend less money next year than this year. The proposed budget amounts of two other departments — prothonotary and register and recorder — are unknown because not all of the estimated staff salaries and fringe benefits have been added.

The planning commission asked the county commissioners for a 2 percent salary increase, which would raise the director’s salary from $51,020 to $52,040.

Increases to all other staff wages could total up to $61,084. The department expects slight increases in costs for contracted computer services, from $3,850 to $4,400, and for maintenance and repairs, from $2,900 to $4,200. Because no additional money is needed for the comprehensive plan, the department expects to spend $8,862 less than the 2018 budget. Its total proposed 2019 budget is $133,424 compared to $142,286 budgeted for this year.

The auditor’s office proposed $80,595 for wages compared to $79,404 for 2018. Fringe benefits would possibly slightly increase. Travel expense would potentially increase from $6,000 to $6,500 to cover convention expenses. The proposed budget sees decreases in costs for telephone and postage and materials. Overall, the department requested $92,657 for 2019 compared to $95,515.

The prothonotary’s department requested a $1,000 increase for its solicitor, from $5,000 to $6,000. The department also anticipates increased costs for telephone and postage, contracted computer services, association dues, maintenance and repairs, other services and materials and supplies. An estimated $4,000 additional was requested to cover the costs of other services and supplies. The total proposed budget amount is unknown, but the department had $265,427 budgeted for this year. Revenue for the prothonotary has decreased over the last couple of years because of the waiving of filing fees. Estimated revenue of $197,000 is expected this year compared to $232,312 from 2017.

Revenue for the register and recorder department is expected to be down this year, from $222,011 to $200,000. There have been less recording of documents, according to the department. The total proposed budget amount is unknown, but the department is asking for $33,602 for contracted computer services compared to $29,000 for this year. Salary increases for three staff members is also being sought, an additional $1.25 per hour for the deputy register of wills and deputy recorder of deeds. The raise would increase their wages to $12.69. The third staff member is a union member so it is unknown how the suggested salary increase would impact her.


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