Somerset inmate’s sentence extended

A judge has increased the sentence of a state prison inmate serving time for operating a meth lab for escaping from the halfway house where he resided at as part of a drug rehabilitation program.

Steven Cameron Brode, 44, of 1607 Wall St., Saxton was charged with charges of operating a methamphetamine lab, depositing, storing and disposing of chemical waste, manufacturing of meth with a child present, endangering welfare of children, corruption of minors and other related charges.

State police reportedly located Brode hiding in a residence at 1198 Six Mile Run Road, which contained several items “indicative of the manufacturing of methamphetamine” in March 2016, according to a police criminal complaint.

Brode reportedly admitted to police to manufacturing methamphetamine and that the items, including liquefied ammonia gas and other chemicals, located at the residence were for cooking meth. He allegedly manufactured meth in front of two children under the age of 18.

Brode was originally sentenced to two years in prison and six years’ probation. Livengood extended his prison term to three to six years and his probation sentence to nine years.

Brode has been housed at the State Correctional Institution at Somerset since 2016.


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