Pair arrested for allegedly making meth in house

Two people are in jail after Altoona police allegedly found materials used to make methamphetamine in a Logan Hills apartment.

Aleeta N. Queen-Dively, 29, and David W. Blankenship, 30, were taken into custody Monday after Altoona officers responded to the couple’s apartment at 279 Fairway Drive, Apt. 1B, and noticed signs of methamphetamine use and manufacturing sitting out in the open, according to charges filed before Magisterial District Judge Ben Jones.

It was a few minutes before 7 a.m. when Altoona police arrived at the apartment building and were told by three neighbors that the people in apartment 1B had been up all night arguing.

Altoona police Patrolman Garrett Trent noted in the charges that when he knocked on the door and was allowed in by Queen-Dively, she “appeared extremely upset” and “her voice was raised and panicked and she threw her hands around as if she was extremely frustrated.”

Blankenship never made eye contact with the officer and “his speech was rapid and slurred and he constantly shifted his weight from side to side and swung his hands around his body the entire time,” Trent wrote in the charges.

Police said it was unclear what the couple had been arguing about, and although they said they were the only people in the apartment, after backup officers arrived, police found another man sleeping in one of the bedrooms.

When police checked the couple’s bedroom for additional people, officers noticed numerous items used to either use methamphetamine or make it.

A large instant cold pack was sitting out on a dresser along with other drug paraphernalia, including a piece of aluminum foil that was burnt on one side and on the other contained a yellow/orange residue.

In a closet, sitting in an open cooler, officers could see a bottle of drain cleaner, a bottle of lighter fluid and a white funnel containing a white powder residue, police noted in the charges.

When one of the officers told another that it looked like methamphetamine was being made in the apartment, Blankenship allegedly uttered, “That’s not a lab; there’s only a few ingredients in there.”

After a search warrant was secured, officers allegedly found more materials used to make methamphetamine, including a plastic bottle and a Mason jar that were used to make the drug using the “one-pot” method.

The state police clandestine laboratory team was called in to collect the evidence, and according to Altoona police, evidence the drug was being distributed was found. State police also confirmed methamphetamine was found in the bottom of the bottles recovered.

Police said Queen-Dively admitted two children, ages 3 and 7, live at the apartment and had recently been there, police pointed out in the charges.

Both Queen-Dively and Blankenship now face felony and misdemeanor charges that include possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance along with felony counts related to the making of methamphetamine.

Bail was set for each at 10 percent of $20,000 by Magisterial District Judge Andrew Blattenberger, and both are due to appear at Central Court on Sept. 19 for a preliminary hearing.