Train strikes vehicle on tracks

An automobile that had become disabled while crossing railroad tracks late Saturday in Tipton, was hit by a train carrying shipping containers, a railroad official confirmed. No one was injured in the incident.

The crash occurred about 11:20 p.m., when a vehicle crossing Norfolk Southern tracks became disabled and was struck by an “intermodal” train traveling east, Norfolk Southern spokesman Jon Glass said.

Intermodal refers to “freight moving by more than one mode of transportation,” in this case by boat and train, he said.

The train was carrying shipping containers, likely holding consumer goods, Glass said, and was enroute to northern New Jersey.

The automobile’s occupants were able to exit the vehicle before the train impacted it, and the train’s occupants — two Norfolk Southern employees — were not injured, Glass said.

Glass said he was unaware of what type of vehicle was disabled on the tracks.

A Blair County 911 center employee said she could not provide information about the crash and referred questions to state police.

A state police trooper answering phones Sunday said no one was available to answer questions about the incident and said that a news release may or may not be distributed to reporters at a later time.

A post on Bellwood’s Excelsior Volunteer Fire Department Facebook page said the accident occured at the railroad crossing on Bell-Tip Road.

“There were no reported injuries or entrapment,” the post reads. “Units arrived on scene and provided scene lighting and traffic control to assist with Norfolk Southern.”

The train was not damaged, and railways were reopened after about three hours, Glass said.

“Traffic resumed on that line,” he said, noting the train was able to continue its travels shortly after the crash.