Father disagrees with report on abduction

Police said claims made online were false

BELLWOOD — The father of two Bellwood children disagrees with police reports that an attempted abduction did not occur Tuesday night.

Police said Wednesday that a Facebook post claiming there was an attempted abduction near Myers Elementary School appeared to be false.

About 6:30 p.m., a white male approached two children who were playing outside of their residence on Clark Street, which is about a block away from the school, Bellwood police said.

A man described as being in his 60s with a long grey beard was observed walking past the residence on Clark Street, turning around and approaching the side fenced-in yard.

As the man walked toward the fence, one of the children saw him and screamed.

The man made no attempt to speak with the children, and upon hearing the scream, he ran off, police said.

The father of the 5-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy claims his children were in danger.

“The guy came up to our gate to try and get my two kids. We’ve seen the guy around a few times,” said Steve Cokrlic, who was doing yard work on the other side of the house.

Cokrlic said his son told him the man was missing two teeth.

“My neighbor said he saw him Sunday at a playground near the school. He parked across the street.

“He then went up to the car and left,” Cokrlic said. “I saw a guy about two weeks ago, but I am not sure it was the same guy.”

Cokrlic said the man is driving a white vehicle with Ohio plates.

“We have seen the car around a few times,” Cokrlic said.

Bellwood police said in a press release that there was no confirmed vehicle involved in the incident

on Tuesday.

“No vehicle was spotted that night. We have been told by neighbors they saw a vehicle a few times earlier but not that evening,” said Chief Joe Schlecht.

Schlecht said police are continuing their investigation.


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