Outsiders spent big to shape election

Mystery spending questioned in race to fill Shuster’s seat

Voters in Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District will never know who was behind at least $230,000 spent in the GOP primary.

Conservative Leadership Alliance Inc., a “dark money” group, is not required to disclose its donors. Its separate political action committee also has not disclosed its donors. Both CLA and CLA PAC ads blasted state Sen. John Eichelberger and Art Halvorson, presumably to the benefit of the eventual winner, Dr. John Joyce.

Other PACs supported state Rep. Steve Bloom by running independent ads supporting him and attacking Joyce. Bloom finished third.

PACs and outside political groups spent nearly a million dollars to influence the selection of a candidate to succeed U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Everett, in Congress.

“We should know who is interested in our elected officials and how much money they are getting from outside,” said Alison Dagnes, Shippensburg University political scientist. “If a candidate benefits from $230,000 in an ad drop, we should know where they are getting their support. It could be that they are golfing buddies. That’s fine. We should know.

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