Creek seeks 80th District

Huston Township resident Christopher Creek is seeking the Republican nomination for state representative of the 80th District, challenging candidate Jim Gregory.

“I decided to run for this office because the path we’re on is unsustainable. We simply cannot continue in this direction and expect our children will be able to call Pennsylvania their home,” Creek said in an email. “If we want to leave a strong and growing Penn­sylvania to our children, we must stop kicking the can down the road. We cannot allow our future to be decided by self-interested politicians.

“Our nation and our commonwealth were founded on an idea of citizen government; that the people who are affected by government policies should be those who create those policies,” Creek said. “This is one of the central concepts that made our U.S. Constitution so radical when it was written. This document limited the power of government and put the power in the hands of individuals.

“We must focus on policies that will help people create and run small businesses, including our family farms, which drive the economy in our commonwealth,” Creek said. “We all want our children to have opportunities to create their futures here and keep our families together.”

If elected into office, Creek said he would promote a citizen government as well as “fiscal responsibility, restric­tions on government power and the sanctity of human life.” He added he would also focus on policies that will help people create and run small businesses such as family farms.

Creek is a regional sales manager for Precision Planting. He is also the vice president of the Blair County Farm Bureau and helps craft agricultural policy.

He also served on the Bellwood Borough Council, the Bellwood-Antis Park and Recreation Authority and the 1-99 Enterprise Zone Committee.

The candidate graduated from Liberty University with a degree in interdisciplinary studies. He lives with his wife and four children.

Creek is hosting a meet and greet on Friday at 5 p.m. at Allegheny Street Bed and Breakfast in Hollidaysburg.