Blair County

Tyler Osterhout and Nicole Miller to Paul D. Fetzer, 1361 Lincoln Ave., Tyrone, $129,900.

James L. Singler, Jennifer D. Reisdorf and Tyler R. Singler to Mason E. and Ivy S. Kirkpatrick, 801 E. Fifth St., Bellwood, $162,500.

Shane and Sara Hardy to Ashley A. Rhodes and John R. Barlett III, property in Antis Township, $246,000.

Mark F., Drena S. and Patricia L. Chaplin and Judson P. Mantz to Aaron A. and Rebecca C. Lidgett, property in Logan Township, $94,000.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to Michael D. Hite, property in Frankstown Township, $15,000.

Melvin and Alfretta Larson Revocable Living Trust to Bonnie L. Pfeffer, 1104 S. Ninth St., Altoona, $148,000.

Alverna M. Decoskey to Jack R. Jr. and Anita V. Thompson, property in Altoona, $40,000.

Evelyn R. Yon to Starr Properties and Management LLC, 734 Shand Ave., Lakemont, Logan Township, $52,000.

Carl D. and Michelle C. Beard to Michael J. and Emily L. Davis, property in Hollidaysburg, $240,000.

Myrle J. Baum Jr. to Donald E. Lagesse Jr., property in Juniata Township, $180,000.

Sherry L. Merritts to Dylan E. Snyder, 217 Walnut Ave., Altoona, $53,000.

My Hometown Realty LLC to B-61 Rentals Inc., property in Altoona, $52,000.

GHT Capital Co. to THC Solutions LLC, 603 S. Kettle St., Altoona, $75,900.

Terry L. Elder to Bruno A. Degol Irrevocable Trust, 104 Ninth St., Tyrone, $104,000.

Robert L. Wesner to Traci J. Treese, 527 E. Penn St., Altoona, $103,500.

Glenn W. and Nancy S. Bush to Rail Town Rentals Co., property in Antis Township, $150,000.

Fred K. and Susan P. Khalouf to Mehrdad Ghaffari and Haleh Haerian, property in Logan Township, $150,000.

Michael J. and Emily J. Davis to Samantha Rogers, 104 E. 24th Ave., Altoona, $161,500.

Sandra E. Catherman to Julie Lambert, 3407 Fort Roberdeau Ave., Altoona, $212,000.

Citizens Bank to Darin T. and Lisa A. Blunt, 903 N. Third St., Altoona, $37,000.

Jaclyn N. and Jodi Johnson to Kevin S. Anderson, property in Altoona, $82,000.

Joshua A. and Dylan W. Bridges-Emeigh and Rosella H. Bridges to Franklin J. Walter II, property in Freedom Township, $85,000

William B. Goss, Donald P. Shultz Jr. and Tyrone Apartment Rentals to Harry E. Waite and Brenda F. Gordon, 110 Seventh Ave., Tyrone, $74,250.

Mason George to Warrior Ridge Real Estate LLC, 121 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $43,500.

James H. Shutt to Joseph Bumbarger, 1912 Second Ave., Altoona, $62,000.

Naveen Parmar to Reinhardt Realty Inc., 501 E. Wopsononock Ave., Altoona, $114,000.

Orchard Avenue LLC to Todd and Michele Emeigh, property in Frankstown Township, $39,500.

Carl A. and Laurita M. Robison Living Trust to Ethan V. and Ashley R. Wilt, property in Allegheny Township, $157,800.

Skills of Central Pennsylvania Inc. to Jared F. Colmer, 1704 22nd Ave., Altoona, $76,000.

Michael R. and Camie J. Moss to Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide Inc., property in Allegheny Township, $489,000.

Robert R. and Antoinette J. Scholl to Karen Vendouern-Srba and Randall J. Srba, property in Frankstown Township, $349,900.

Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide Inc. to Ryan J. and Brittany L. McNeely, property in Allegheny Township, $489,000.

Dean T. Papadeas to Brandon P. and Jenna M. Ott, property in Blair Township, $220,000.

Jenna M. and Brandon P. Ott to Kirk W. Jones, 5033 Oak Ave., Altoona, $128,000.

Harry A. and Patricia C. Turchetta to Ryan A. and Brittany M. Greaser, property in Altoona, $224,900.

Steven B. and Janette A. Berry to JLC Holdings, property in Allegheny Township, $61,000.

Scott E. and Janice L. King to Everett R. and Laura E. Hines, property in Huston Township, $363,000.

Hok-Fung Yau and Rui Zhang to Devon M. and Heather J. Moran, property in Logan Township, $334,300.

Kenneth P. and Phylis A. Bradley to Neggs 41 Rentals LLC, 325 Park Place, Altoona, $25,000.

Cynthia D. Cristillo to Edward B. and Carol L. Clouse, property in Frankstown Township, $380,000.

Ross W. II and Nicole M. Dixon to Gerald T. Wendle Jr. and Lori A. Jeffreys, property in Altoona, $98,000.

Cambria County

Doris Mae Stossel to Bradley Ray Gaston, property in Northern Cambria, $137,000.

Julia A. Orosz to John J. Benigno, property in Johnstown’s 20th ward, $39,900.

Joan Kusher to Jacqueline R. Staller, property in East Taylor Township, $86,000.

Cristine M. Johnson to Monte Shane Shirt, property in Richland Township, $85,000.

People 4 People Inc. to Michael Lee Kenney, property in Lorain, $145,000.

Ethan W. Forry to Troy R. Hamula, property in Jackson Township, $150,000.

Stella Trzeciak (by attorney-in-fact) to Helen Moss, property in Scalp Level, $15,000.

Gloria E. Rosney to Mark Risko, property in Vintondale, $30,000.

Keith Allen Mock to Jason R. Martin, property in South Fork, $54,000.

Eugene J. Gargon to Michael S. Benza, property in Adams Township, $150,000.

Wayne R. Nazarak to Nape Properties LLC, property in Nanty Glo, $138,000.

James V. Bertocchi to Dawn Frischkorn, property in Gallitzin, $75,000.

Edith Marie Ruffing to Kayla Minor, property in Portage, $62,000.

Donna J. Bianconi to Stephanie B. Seymore, property in Gallitzin, $70,000.

Lloyd J. Brigman to Joseph Olish, property in Northern Cambria, $15,000.

Alexander Roberts to Guido Fabbri, property in Lilly, $78,000.

Mihalick Family Partnership LP to Appalachian Laurel Ridge LLC, property in Geistown, $1,800,000.

Martin J. Sherry to Russell E. Mullen, property in Cambria Township, $70,000.

Helen L. Picklo, by attorney-in-fact, to Ginger Louise Mickey, property in Richland Township, $141,900.

Stephanie A. Shaver to Daijah Terry, property in Richland Township, $165,000.

Clearfield County

John P. Hardy to Robert S. and Rodana M. Spencer, property in Houtzdale, $12,000.

Holly A. Fink to Matthew James Cale, property in Pike Township, $170,000.

Alice M. Mackin to True Home Properties LLC, property in Osceola Mills, $70,000.

Cynthia Feustel (executrix) and Anthony M. Raspatello Estate to Donald J. Reich, property in Sandy Township, $227,655.

Silverwoods Association Inc. to Derose Development LLC, property in Sandy Township, $50,000.

Haiko and Rebecca Bish Cornelissen to Amber E. Fleming, property in DuBois, 120,000.

Daniel J. Varner (successor trustee) and Varner Family Revocable Trust to Delbert W. and Marjorie H. Pennington, property in Lawrence Township, $150,000.

Daniel James and Isabell Theresa Boob to Hugh D. Rowles, property in Clearfield, $88,000.

Alfred P. Hess III (executor) and Constance W. Hess Estate to Randy Lee Socoski Jr. and Alyssa Simcox, property in Clearfield, $158,000.

Kathy J. Dolan to Jonea R. Swatsworth, property in Pike Township, $15,000.

Huntingdon County

Linda J. and Thomas E. Jenkins, David A. and Brenda K. Shields to Steven W. Bard, property in Clay Township, $75,000.

Marcia B. Slates to Linda L. Stish, property in Clay Township, $100,000.

Norman E. and Wanda J. Horne to Kevin D. and Adaria M. Woodward, property in Cromwell Township, $115,000.

Uptown Dwellings LLC to Debra B. Messner, property in Huntingdon, $87,500.

Dottie and Dorothy M. Schmidt to Taylor Nicole Young, property in Huntingdon, $140,000.

Raystown Country Homes LLC to Patrick Michael and Stacy Lynn Wright, property in Juniata Township, $100,000.

Sam R. and Sharon M. Dubs to Philip and Lisa Petrunak, property in Lincoln Township, $70,000.

Sam D. and Sylvia M. Park Trust to Shafer P. and Lorna E. Earley, property in Mount Union, $185,000.

AZ Minerals LLC to Sandy Beach Enterprises LLC, property in Penn Township, $145,000.

Ronald S. Sr., De Ann Carol, Ronald S. Jr., Branda J., and Cynthia A. Merkel, Cynthia A., and Ricky L. Repman to Richard R. and Deborah A. Weidhass, property in Porter Township, $137,500.

Joseph B. Chilcote to Gary P. Nolan, property in Rockhill, $137,000.

Barry Conley and Theresa A. Smith to Brian P. Keenan and Amanda J. Hollingsworth, property in Shirley Township, $241,000.


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