Deeds — Oct. 16-17

Blair County

David B. and Deborah C. Locke to Jacqueline E. Crum, 302 E. Whittier Ave., Altoona, $117,500.

Gerard R. and Laura L. Frederick to Steven E. Pheasant, 2108 15th Ave., Altoona, $40,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Andrew J. Ott, 728 S. Main St., Roaring Spring, $59,043.

Shirley A. Straw to Jared K. and Lydia G. Tiesenga, property in Altoona, $90,000.

Stephen A. Miller to Laura B. Barley and Joel Martin, property in North Woodbury Township, $148,000.

Fannie Mae to Ronald L. Bowser, property in Logan Township, $220,000.

Anthony J. and Krista L. Ruggery to Kirk and Maureen R. Dodson, property in Blair Township, $85,000.

Ronald P. Wojcik to Janet K. Hoover, 217 Calter St., Lakemont Terrace, Altoona, $81,000.

Scott A. and Lori A. Schultz to Courtney M. Myers, property in Frankstown Township, $97,000.

Christopher D. Mort and Valerie M. Wulf to Robert F. and Michelle L. Shaffer, 200 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

David G. Dick to Jason Garber, property in Tyrone, $88,000.

Heath A. and Jessica R. Walk to Bradley Wirtner, property in Snyder Township, $260,000.

Monica R. Jones to Nakato and David Tantillo, property in Blair Township, $245,000.

Anna M. Myers to Katie M. Scott, 530 W. 19th St., Tyrone, $85,000.

Jeffrey A. and Ashley Miller to Carl T. Gingrich, 1320 Maple Ave., Hollidaysburg, $184,900.

Troy M. and Wendy M. Deters to Adam T. Shock, property in Williamsburg, $106,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to James L. Corle, property in Altoona, $16,011.

Sue J. Kester to James R. Daughenbaugh and Emily S. Albright, property in Snyder Township, $92,000.

Ty Nevins to Danielle M. Meade, 729 Bloomfield St., Roaring Spring, $84,100.

Donnie R. and Cynthia C. Musselman to Deann Loop and Carey Musselman, property in Greenfield Township, $25,000.

Jonathan M. and Amy L. Hileman to Altoona Laser LLC, 1814 12th Ave., Altoona, $33,000.

Helen K. Hildebrand to Ethan E. McCloskey, 225 E. Lincoln Ave., Altoona, $65,000.

Cletus M. Billotte to Mark and Christine Hughes, property in Williamsburg, $23,000.

Rich Taylor to Mark W. and Shelby L. Madden, property in Frankstown Township, $325,000.

51 & 35 Partners LP to Nunzio B. and Krista L. Rehm, 1612 17th Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

Nunzio R. Jr. and Cynda Rehm to Nunzio B. and Krista L. Rehm, 904 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

Nunzio R. Jr. and Cynda A. Rehm to Nunzio B. and Krista L. Rehm, 1506 12th Ave., Altoona, $30,000.

Charles P. and Trecia A. McGinniss to Wayne E. and Penny S. Robison, 436 Second Ave., Altoona, $63,000.

Leonard S. Fiore Jr. to Christopher Shaw, 317 Washington Ave., Tyrone, $90,000.

Barry E. and Sandra E. Neal to Tyler J. Jenny and Haley N. Deibert, 217 Grazierville Road, Tyrone, $150,000.

Joan O. Dunnder to Gretka Real Estate Partnership, property in Frankstown Township, $225,000.

Borough of Tyrone to David L. and Vanessa K. Gardner, property in Snyder Township, $140,000.

Donald W. and Connie M. McClure to Tonya K. Fickes, property in North Woodbury Township, $183,500.

Jill M. Noel to Stephen J. and Rosemary C. Betar, 205 E. Julian St., Martinsburg, $145,000.

Daniel A. Maney and Sandra L. Chronister to John N. Jackson and Jamilyn R. Lowe, property in Snyder Township, $149,900.

Frank S. and Penny S. Rupeka to Dustin M. and Ellissa K. Lane, property in Woodbury Township, $57,000.

Valerie M. Wulf to Christopher Mort, 205 Willow Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

Valerie Wulf to Christopher Mort, 1019 18th Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

Valerie M. Wulf to Christopher Mort, 2400 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

Doyle G. Feather to Mark C. Taylor, property in Freedom Township, $112,500.

Bedford County

James David Irwin to Justin L. Huntsman, property in Bedford Township, $92,500.

Marcia Conrad and Paul M. Kirby to Sarah W. and James J. Seitz, property in Bedford Borough, $353,000.

Jeffrey W. Onstead to Jacqueline M. Turner, property in New Pairs, $60,000.

Katlynn C. Shaffer, Katlynn C. Pennabaker and Tanner L. Shaffer to Alecia N. and Joshua D. Horton, property in Lincoln Township, $140,000.

Minerva M. and Jay Paul S. Stauffer to Cove Construction LLC, property in South Woodbury Township, $140,000.

Shelia K. and H. Steven Ford to Michelle A. Mingle, property in Liberty Township, $175,000.

James J. Gauthier to Tagginook 1 LLC, property in Kimmel Township, $46,900.

Persavich Family Trust to Justin Jordon, property in Snake Spring Township, $300,000.

Juanita Gladys Hengst to Kayla P. McLellan, property in West St. Clair Township, $37,500.

Alysha and Zachary E. Norris, to Jared Ibarra, property in Bedford Township, $196,000.

Andrew S., Stephanie and William Daniel Brode to Jacqueline N. Mock and Zachary S. Sosak, property in Saxton, $149,000.

Marc Schwartz and Eileen Kupersmith to Marc and Jill Schwartz, property in King Township, $29,227.

Marc Schwartz and Eileen Kupersmith to Marc and Jill Schwartz, property in King Township, $121,066.

Lana L. Shaffer to Kitty L. and Stanley S. Williams, property in Hyndman, $45,000.

Carol J. and Robert L. Jenkins to Crystal D. Carberry, property in Liberty Township, $65,000.

Tonya A. and Barry L. Clark to Daniel J. Myers, property in East Providence Township, $115,000.

Dolores Melnick to Albert Garcia, property in Monroe Township, $85,000.

Susan and Gerry Shipley to Todd Nathan Roadman and Katelyn Quinn Bombardiere, property in Bedford Township, $216,000.

India Burrik to Patti J. and Michael D. Metz, property in Broad Top Township, $166,000.

Louise E. Beamer to Joseph R. Crissman III and Megan L. Miller, property in East St Clair Township, $227,000.

Clearfield County

Marie A. Emanuel and Elizabeth E. Krolczyk (executors), Louis Emanuel Estate, Fred W. Carlson and Suzanne R. Watkins to Eli D. and Susie E. Miller, property in Bell Township, $42,000.

Lindsey D. and Brad C. Young to Robert J. Stanton, property in Osceola Mills, $116,900.

Jessica L. Haggerty to Robert Lewis and Jeane Mae McFadden, property in DuBois, $130,000.

Sandra Singleton (executrix), Henriett Moje Estate and David A. Boulton to Austin John Miller and Kylei M. Moore, property in Ramey, $109,000.

Harold D. and Violet L. Sheridan to Charles and Rosalea Harvey, property in Girard Township, $10,000.

Eric V. Smith to Laura Lee Hamm, property in Clearfield, $17,000.

Lila Holdings LLC to Your Building Center Inc., property in DuBois, $750,000.

Richard L. and Shannon Flanders to Troy and Barbara J. Donahue, property in Sandy Township, $28,000.

Tanya M. Lange and Jeffrey M. Werner to Jacob R. Perrin, property in DuBois, $100,000.

Joseph F. Dellantonio to GVH Clearfield LLC, property in Clearfield, $600,000.

Joseph F. Dellantonio to GVH Clearfield LLC, property in Clearfield, $80,000.

James T. and Elizabeth E. Spellen to Carr Real Estate Group LLC, property in Sandy Township, $41,500.

Harry J. and Susan Owens and Gail M. and Ray Ross to Angelina M. Funair and Timothy S. Giles, property in Pine Township, $60,800.

James Dwayne Jr. and Haley Rae Strong to Jeffrey Allen Osborne and Cortney Jo Knepp, property in Pike Township, $423,000.

Barbara L. Conaway to Conor Myers and Hannah Martz, property in Lawrence Township, $182,500.

David L. and Joan K. Kulling to Everson Berringer and Makenzi Hoyt, property in Clearfield, $175,500.

Constance M. Horak and Michael R. Horak to Monte W. and Betty Stumph, property in Clearfield, $125,000.

N. Jean Whitsett to David M. and Abby L. Tracy, property in DuBois, $107,500.

Robert E. Allen Sr. and Robert E. Allen Jr. to Candy Reis, property in Sandy Township, $15,000.

Richard D. and Christie K. Youngkin and Erik S. and Brenda H. Gabrielson to Phillip Samuel and Angela Lynn Golden and Dwight Curtis and Tina Marie Hedrick, property in Beccaria Township, $135,000.

Esper J. Elias to Tessa R Samuels, property in Ramey, $78,900.

Sally J. Knarr and Bernard E. Knarr Eate to Karen R. Deboer, property in Sandy Township, $117,000.

Timothy M. and Victoria N. Berg to Randall Lee Jr. and Ashley Dawn Curley, property in DuBois, $128,750.

Huntingdon County

Community State Bank of Orbisonia to Kbar Holdings LLC, property in Alexandria, $280,000.

Jeffrey B. and Deborah J. Wright to Cortney C. and Logan M. Booher, property in Cass Township, $179,900.

Jose and Dawn Sevilla to Edwin C. Santiago, property in Cromwell Township, $132,000.

Monte N. Edgin to Monte N. Edgin and Amy E. Lawson, property in Cromwell Township, $916,797.

Richard L. and Sandra D. Wright to Axia Heritage Cove LLC, property in Hopewell Township, $3,527,500.

David L. and Sonia S. McCubbins to Tyler D. and Allison J. Daugherty, property in Huntingdon, $135,000.

Catherine Lindenmuth and Catherine Morder to Kyle A. Banks, property in Mapleton, $35,000.

George J. Harris III to Marsha L. Prince, property in Mount Union, $119,900.

Stephen H. Brown and Georgina G. Lema to Ashleigh E. Heck and Richard A. Hobble, property in Orbisonia, $68,000.

Steven D. Butz to James Mitchell III and Mayone Lydia Sallows, property in Union Township, $80,000.

Loren G. and Holly B. Bahnick to Lisa Madsen, property in Penn Township, $263,100.

Nelson E. and Suzanne E. Wert to Chad L. and Angie S. Fluent, property in Penn Township, $50,000.

Scott E. and Heather N. Regitz to Camillo Properties Inc., property in Penn Township, $125,000.

Lewis R. Sellers Jr. to Kirstan Rowe, property in Porter Township, $70,000.

Bonnie L. Blair to Leroy P. and Denise F. Bange, property in Shirley Township, $35,000.

Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative Inc. to Jennifer Glenister, property in Springfield Township, $25,000.

Michael L. and Cynthia C. Glessner to Andrew J. Campbell, property in Todd Township, $315,000.

Terry Gail, Sandra Lee and Sandra L. Hess to Andrew N. and Katie L. Shaffer, property in Todd Township, $102,000.

Glenna L. Burns to Melody R. and Jamey J. McMillen, property in Warriors Mark Township, $65,000.

Nicholas S. Neeper to Brandon M. Maceno and Matthew J. Simondale, property in Warriors Mark Township, $39,000.

Vladimir and Tatjana Akimov to Steven H. and Elizabeth S. Peight, property in Brady Township, $230,000.

Lori A. Hess, Lori Steward and Lori Kunz to Danica J. Treece, property in Broad Top City, $21,000.

Phillip A. and Ashley M. Neuder, Ashley M. Ramper to Holden M. Zdrosky and Breann Runde, property in Broad Top City, $63,000.

John C. Miller Jr. to Cory N. Scott, property in Cromwell Township, $55,000.

Fulton County Medical Center to Broad Top Area Medical Center Inc., property in Cromwell Township, $600,000.

Kyle M. Kramer and Dana M. Pyne to John P. and Kathy J. Hefferon, property in Henderson Township, $75,000.

Steve R. Rea and Marcy A. Koppenheffer to Allen R. and Katy L. Bilder, property in Hopewell Township, $10,000.

Jeffrey A. and Jennifer M. Blank to Samantha Ochs, property in Huntingdon, $122,000.

John C., Susan M, and Susan H. Grainey to Joshua D. Brycki, property in Huntingdon, $50,000.

Beverly J. Dodson to Cory M. Sisto, property in Huntingdon, $190,000.

Randy L. and Yvonne Fickes to Governor Walker and Tomi Sue Wright, property in Huntingdon, $257,000.

Benjamin P. Lang to Wrangler Services LLC, property in Huntingdon, $50,000.

Keith A. and Nancy M. Waddle to Jason R. and Bethany A. Pierotti, property in Huntingdon, $364,900.

Dane Q. Rhoades to Elizabeth A. Scott, property in Orbisonia, $95,000.


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