Blair County

Chess Master LLC to Thomas M. Settle, 433 Third Ave., Altoona, $68,000.

Tyler S. and Emily Ginter to Aaron D. Keller, 2112 Second Ave., Altoona, $94,900.

Joseph V. Adamec, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, to Jason L. and Robin A. Settle, 504 Holliday Hills Drive, Hollidaysburg, $195,000.

Cole J. and Amy P. Abram to Tyler S. and Emily R. Ginger, property in Altoona, $149,900.

Jacob S. Culp and Amber L. Aungst to Megan M. and Christopher S. Kriedler, property in Blair Township, $185,000.

Robin L. Ly to Jason Beam, 1403 Park Blvd., Juniata, Altoona, $48,000.

Hailemicael and Saba Ghebreselassie to Michael J. Clair, property in Frankstown Township, $232,500.

Deborah A. and Gary D. Fowler to Cole J. and Amy P. Abram, property in Logan Township, $212,000.

Paul L. and Nicole J. Barrick to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., property in Frankstown Township, $245,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to DPJV LLC, property in Frankstown Township, $212,000.

David Rice and Serenity R. Hoch to Andrew Good LLC, 105 Ruskin Drive, Altoona, $50,000.

Gerald P. and Christine A. White to Eduardo Calderon Jr., property in Blair Township, $305,900.

Michael J. and Jennie M. Breslin to Robert and Dorcas Johnson, property in Catharine Township, $193,000.

Diane L. Ott to CCTA LLC, property in Altoona, $80,000.

Virginia R. Foor to Allyson N. Miller, property in Altoona, $100,000.

C & J Rental Management LLC to Jared F. Colmer, property in Altoona, $86,500.

Allegheny Real Estate Holdings LLC to Jared F. Colmer, 314 58th St., Altoona, $102,000.

Kirk M. and Christina L. Rager to Jared F. Colmer, 2708 Ivyside Drive, Altoona, $126,500.

Brennan J. Fether to Tracey L. Snyder, property in Allegheny Township, $159,900.

Tracey L. Snyder to Jonathan P. Mountain and Kayla D. Zerby, property in Altoona, $118,000.

William E. McLauighlin Jr. and Beth A. and Ronald W. Garbinsky to Blase D. Warren W. II and Linda J. Raia, property in Logan Township, $115,000.

Safwat Nasrat to Patrick R. and Mackenzie Lundquist, property in Hollidaysburg, $182,000.

Allen Jr. and Miriah Lassinger to Trevor M. Nichols and Brittany N. Houck, property in Blair Township, $179,000.

Michael T. and Tricia L. Smith to Alvin B. Zimmerman, property in Huston Township, $140,000.

Ralph and Margaret G. Tinker to Shawn L. and Julie E. Patosky, property in Blair Township, $230,000.

Christine L. Hostler and Chad T. Gindelsperger to Tristin M. and Morgan D. Snyder, 309 E. Grant Ave., Altoona, $109,900.

Shawn L. and Julie E. Patosky to Chad T. and Christine L. Gindelsperger, property in Altoona, $199,900.

Berty R. Corle to Jeffrey L. and Shirl K. Dick, property in Blair Township, $39,000.

Matthew A. Jones to Kiera D. Foster, 3608 W. Chestnut Ave., Altoona, $115,300.

Jeff and Wendy Van Clief to Brandon M. Long and Alexis K. Keonard, 2409 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $89,000.

Michael P. and Amy J. Holencik to William A. and Rachel M. Carter, property in Frankstown Township, $15,000.

Gregory W., Dana R. and Faun M. Kurtz to Tim Blough, property in Huston Township, $60,000.

Cynthia Reese to Brice R. Barrett and Sarah M. Wyatt, property in Tyrone, $139,900.

Donald G. and Marian J. Lynn to Jennifer M. Cherry, property in Frankstown Township, $275,000.

Elizabeth A. Ventre to Traci A. Marriott, property in Blair Township, $125,000.

Edward M. III and Mary A. Dunkel to Rich and Yvonne White, property in Snyder Township, $100,000.

Richard C. and Yvonne M. White to Stacy M. and Christopher N. Marini, 1217 Cameron Ave., Altoona, $126,800.

Donna J. Mcguire to Allen R. and Jessica B. Frye, property in Allegheny Township, $160,000.

200 South Market Street LLC to Cove Flooring and Design LLC, property in Martinsburg, $60,000.

Charles A. and Constance B. Farrell to CPM Properties LLC, 1809 Columbia Ave., Tyrone, $130,000.

Elizabeth A. Delozier to Ashley R. and Austin M. White, property in Freedom Township, $90,000.

Bedford County

Charles W. Jr. and Dale Anne Fletcher, James J. and Suzanne Gauthier to Nolan Povanesso, property in Kimmel Township, $49,500.

John W. and Karen L. Feather to Robin K. and Kenneth C. Pittman, property in Snake Spring Township, $30,000.

Betty Rose Baker to Shangri-La Farms & Equine Center LLC, property in Londonderry Township, $850,000.

Cody and Stephanie L. Zimmerman to Kaylee A. Miller and Shawn Fazenbaker, property in Hyndman, $75,000.

Jolene R. and Michael R. Dodson to Sherry and Carl Lepore, property in Mann Township, $112,000.

Winnifred Schulze to Meloney L. Thompson and Thomas R. English, property in Snake Spring Township, $114,000.

Nancy and John Robert Trentini to Donald A. Lucas, property in Napier Township, $75,000.

Sandra K. Alt and Sandra Claycomb to Amy J. and Jesse J. Day Jr., property in St. Clairsville Borough, $50,000.

Loretta J. and Ronald C. George, to Lisa M. and John A. Graziano, property in Colerain Township, $30,000.

Alice M. and Larry D. Grabill to Joann M. and James A. Price, property in Bloomfield Township, $270,000.

Suzanne and James J. Gauthier to Allen D. Cleveland, property in Kimmel Township, $37,000.

Dorothy L. Egolf to Thomas R. and Jessie L. Ripple, property in Bedford Township, $140,000.

Harry A. Jr. and Julie Waugerman to Harry A. Waugerman III, property in Hyndman, $77,000.

Lois J. Slick,to Harry T. Slick, property in Napier Township, $50,000.

Charles W. Karns to Anna M., Matthew D., and Janette L. Hager, property in Everett, $160,000.

Thomas A. Sr. and Patricia Johnson to Brian D. and Donna M. Pedrick, property in Southampton Township, $225,000.

Nancy H. and William H. Volcjak to Richard D. Jones Jr., property in Southampton Township, $175,000.

Cody L. and Madison D. Troy to Nicole L. and Austin K. Turner, property in South Woodbury Township, $246,000.

Kimberlee M. and Harry R. Orth to Jeffrey J. Thompson, property in Kimmel Township, $33,500.

Huntingdon County

Jere M., Susanne A., Robert D, and Sandra L. Hanks to Stephen G. and Irene M. Hoover, property in Penn Township, $300,000.

Chad L. and Angie Fluent to Dale E. and Tami J. Parker, property in Penn Township, $59,500.

Victor C. Dunn to Nathan L. and Kristen N. Martin, property in Shirley Township, $280,000.

Trekoda J. Morrow to Jesseica Frye, property in Todd Township, $255,000.

Donna M. Gutshall to Claude Saragosa, property in Walker Township, $150,000.

Jeremy D. and Amber N. Vonada to Wendy K. Dell, property in Warriors Mark Township, $221,000.

Jeffrey Wishard Estate to Robert B. Hess, property in Carbon Township, $15,000.

Joshua C. and Mary S. Peachey to David M. and Susanne M. Zook, property in Brady Township, $250,000.

William B. Jr. and Courtney M. Watkin to Brendan Wagner, property in Cass Township, $15,000.

Delores Jean Goodman and Linda M. Brechbiel to Larry C. Strickland, property in Cass Township, $95,000.

Treva M. Starr to Cody R. Myers, property in Clay Township, $128,000.

Howard S. and Janet Richmond, Lee and David Katz, Karen and Joel Goozh, Michele Chais, Wendy and Alan Solomon to M & J Land Acquisitions LLC, property in Clay Township, $451,500.

Vicki Rafferty to Christopher S. Wright, property in Coalmont, $89,000.

Judy Eckman to Brian L. Houck, Rylan R. Martin and Jack A. Williams, property in Cromwell Township, $13,500.

Upendra H. Chowlera Trust to Ethan G. and Erin E. Anderson, property in Cromwell Township, $60,000.

Mitchell G. Neuder and Danielle C. Nester to Madeline N. Corbin, property in Dudley Township, $106,000.

Gottshall Family Trust to Paul R. and Karen L. Chrisemer, property in Henderson Township, $25,000.

Michael J. Jr. and Jennie L. Wolf to John M. and Christine L. Paukovits, property in Hopewell Township, $33,000.

Alvin C. and Gail W. Ziminsky to Jason Alan and Jenifer Isabel Schnell, property in Hopewell Township, $75,000.

Travis K. and Candace E. Sather to Angelo O. and Marie N. Valle, property in Huntingdon, $234,000.

William J. and Mary Ellen Withers to Denver A. Cramer and Deborah R. Shawley, property in Shirley Township, $135,000.

Governor Walker to Daniel J. Jr. and Samantha A. Dobbs, property in Smithfield Township, $115,000.

Christophr Jenkins to Edward and Deborah Kompare, property in Springfield Township, $191,300.

Franklyn F. and Melissa J. Fleming to Bryan F. Fleming, property in Tell Township, $265,000.

Stephan, Stephan D., and Mary Kate Rountree to Dry Hollow Rental LLC, property in Warriors Mark Township, $285,000.

Rachelle S. Brown, Rachelle S. and Bradley S. Skipper to Maci L. Myers, property in Wood Township, $62,000.


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