Blair County

Megan L. Hollenbach Steinbugl and Croey Steinbugl to William J. Jr. and Stephanie Sheehan and Florence E. Markley, property in Logan Township, $235,000.

James A. and Pamela J. O’Brien to Isabel R. Walter and Gregory M. Hughes, 400 Bell Ave., Altoona, $89,900.

Thomas D. Bar to Joshua and Nicole Imler, property in Logan Township, $300,000.

Woodcrafters Unlimited Incorporated to Jessica Langer, 122 Howard Ave., Altoona, $44,900.

Catherine Foor to John A. and Beth A. Karle and Cheryl J. Burkett, 531 E. Caroline Ave., Altoona, $170,000.

Gladys Wells to Stephen P. and Sylvia R. Rickabaugh, property in Frankstown Township, $245,000.

Gary W. Snyder to Michael J. and Kristal L. Settlemyer, property in Altoona, $90,000.

David G. and Rosemary M. Watkin to Gary R. Bater and Nicole M. Sigel, property in Blair Township, $175,000.

Bruce and Leslie S. Balfour to Christopher R. and Valerie C. Morroni, property in Tyrone, $184,500.

Benjamin J. Carlson to Darren L. Frank, 618 W. 14th St., Tyrone, $110,000.

Lloyd W. and Lorma E. Strohm to David J. and Christine Blatt, 2804 Elm St., Altoona, $129,000.

John A. and Beth Karle to Amanda J. Moorhead, 2011 First Ave., Altoona, $91,000.

Michael L. and Kathleen O. Gilliland to Crystal L. Bearer, property in Altoona, $152,000.

REO Trust 2017-RPL 1 to Joseph E. Renard, 906 Washington Ave., Tyrone, $25,100.

Edward C. Jr. and Sue A. Eger to Marshall R. Strait, 1409 Pine St., Hollidaysburg, $265,000.

David A. Dilling to England Family LP, property in Woodbury Township, $1,044,962.

Emily F. Scholly to Timothy B. and Sue A. Reed, property in Altoona, $164,900.

Andrea M. Berkheimer to Diane R. and Donald Chewing and Matthew T. and Kaitlynn S. Johnson, 611 Garber St., Hollidaysburg, $130,000.

Janet R. Dodson to David M. Mollica, property in Blair Township, $75,000.

Horrell Holdings LLC to Professional Housing Solutions LLC, 1223 17th Ave., Altoona, $165,000.

Amanda J. Hamilton to Darlene V. Lamertina, 719 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $89,900.

Sathya N. Aswathappa to Kimberly M. Vangorder and Scott E. Garland, property in Frankstown Township, $259,000.

Christopher L. and Natalie R. Billman to Brandon Negley and Alexis Reighard, 605 Blair St., Hollidaysburg, $157,500.

James J. III and Angela Carmany to Stacey L. and Angela R. Campbell, property in Frankstown Township, $307,500.

Charles Hannum Inc. and Richard Neely to Infirst Bank, 814 Green Ave., Altoona, $24,431.97.

Edgewood Acres Development LLC to S & A Home Builder LLC, property in North Woodbury Township, $32,000.

Anthony J. and Eleanor A. Pellegrino to Michael V. Turiano II, 215 Third Ave., Altoona, $70,000.

Lizabeth B. Croyle to Mary A. and James D. Shuck, property in Frankstown Township, $170,000.

Frederick Family Limited Partnership to Stacy A. and Stephen O. Okoth, 104 25th Ave., Altoona, $129,500.

Wayne A. and Tammie R. Pheasant to Mackenzie A. and Tiffany R. Kline, property in Huston Township, $300,000.

David L. and Trudy A. White to Richard D. III and Cynthia A. Kruise, property in Greenfield Township, $275,000.

Sharon K. Long to Alex B. and Allison L. Clark, property in North Woodbury Township, $320,000.

Alex B. and Allison L. Clark to Joseph R. and Nancy Walk, property in Martinsburg, $207,000.

Randy S. White to Daniel R. and Bridget Chestnut, 2700 Broadway, Altoona, $149,900.

Alvin B. Zimmerman to Neil S. and Marilyn F. Zimmerman, property in Huston Township, $522,000.

William D. Beck Sr. to Robert and Patricia Finochio, property in Altoona, $87,000.

Robert O. and Patricia T. Finochio to James B. III and Erin Dyer, property in Logan Township, $130,000.

Christina A. and Richard F. Moyer to Christopher R. Close, property in Logan Township, $179,000.

CWABS Inc. to Loren Keith, 934 Shamrock Lane, Newry, $30,500.

Clearfield County

Carl Z. and Marsha Smith Gasbarre to Joseph Daniel and Melia Hall, property in Brady Township, $100,000.

Sheila and Timothy L. Thomas and douglas and Melva Srock to Melanie S. Dotts, property in Gulich Township, $110,000.

Northwest Bank to Squier Holdings LLC, property in Boggs Township, $58,000.

Samuel A. Ettaro II to Benedetto and Donna Palumbo, property in Sandy Township, $98,000.

Pamela L. Hazen to Thomas J. Frank, property in Dubois City, $26,000.

Melvin J. and Charletta M. Rainey to Dennis E. Jr and Brenda S. Byers, property in Burnside Township, $35,000.

Darryl R. Miller to Michael S. Jr. and Lucy Ogden, property in Lawrence Township, $107,000.

Alicia A. Hooker (co-administratrix), Kerri Bundy (co-administratrix) and Gerald R. Bundy EST to Charles Wesley Beveridge, property in Sandy Township, $100,000.

Pinchy Hunting Club to John M. and Barbie A. Fisher, property in Graham Township, $1,125,000.

Todd M. Wilson (Executor) and Donald M. Urban EST to Jeremy Wade Pearce, property in DuBois City, $69,000.

Cory E. Bennett (Executrix) and Clifford Wayne Bennett EST to Kevin and Denise Shaffer, property in Sandy Township, $125,000.

Scott and Melissa N. Rummings to Joshua B. McCahan, property in Curwensville Borough, $15,000.

Kevin and Denise Shaffer to Ronald and Brenda Sloan, property in Sandy Township, $142,500.

Paul M. and Frances Grace Hunter to Todd A. and Pamela J. Myers, property in Jordan Township, $160,000.

Carl J., Carol O., Michael J. and Michelle L. Peterson to Stoney Hollow Property LLC, property in Boggs Township, $230,000.

Thomas E. and Silvia Tyan Yi Pan and Tammy A. and Justin S. Fischer to Joel M. Spencer, property in Burnside Township, $33,000.

Turn Key Properties LLC to Joel M. Spencer, property in Burnside Township, $239,900.

Wyatt M. and Michelle Shaw to Megan M. Shoffner, property in Grampian Borough, $85,000.

Denise A. Pfingstler to Shawn L. Ford and Beth A. Blakeslee, property in Dubois City, $155,000.

KCL Holding LLC to David G. Hamm Jr., property in Pine Township, $120,000.

Allen and Marlene Gearhart to Anson H. and Janice S. Lansberry, property in Goshen Township, $24,975.

Dennis B. and Brenda K. Burmeister to Gregg R. and Debra J. Loeffler, property in Sandy Township, $180,000.

Richard T. and Catherine G. Hughes to Stacy R. and Christina Frantz, property in Clearfield Borough, $89,900.

Carolyn J. Hill to Melanie J Deibler and Jefferson D. Dively, property in Knox Township, $195,000.

Randy M. and Edee A. Schneider to Jordan James and Allyson Jean Johnson, property in Sandy Township, $205,000.

Church of the Nazarene, Rodney A. Johnson (property chairman) and Daniel R. Eddings (district Superintendent) to Andrew J. Jr. and Annjane Ross, property in Clearfield Borough, $45,000.

Aaron J. and Regan L. DeVallance to Fabio D. Fortunato and Erica A. Debal, property in Sandy Township, $380,000.

David and Barbara Ann Watt to William T. Mann Jr. and Shania B. Cutler, property in Cooper Township, $175,000.

Deborah A. and William L. Jr. Hook to Keith A. Biancuzzo and Jessica L. Walk, property in Decatur Township, $144,000.

Elizabeth A. Lumadue to Jesse R. Anderson, property in Curwensville Borough, $99,500.

James A. Williams and Nancy Huba to James A. Williams, Sarah M. McCart and Jesse T. Huba, property in Huston Township, $14,350.

Zachary J. and Shannon R. Anderson to Chad F. and Sarah E. Brubaker, property in Sandy Township, $226,000.

Beverly K. Bush and Vanetta L. Kennedy EST to Charles Williams, property in Decatur Township, $90,000.

Bedford County

William Earnest to EM Brook Apartments I LLC, Michael S. Stiles, property in Schellsburg Borough, $50,000.

Roland E. Weyant, Roland Ellis Weyant to Kerry L. Weyant, property in East St. Clair Township, $120,000.

Travis and Wanda Wilson to Alayna N. Hammond, property in Snake Spring Township, $135,000.

Wanda J. and Ted Singelton to Brian G. Tewell, property in Southampton Township, $120,000.

Carlos E. Zamora Revocable Trust, Zamora Carlos E. Revocable Trust to Thomas W. Warren Jr., property in Juniata Township, $415,000.

Linda L. Foor to Mark W. and Brad A. Foor, property in Bedford Township, $15,000.

Lloyd Vernon Shaffer to David Ray and Barbara Jean Miller, property in Hyndman Borough, $80,000.

John W. Ryan to Mary E. and Winfried G. Wieland, property in Cumberland Valley, 178,000.

Mary A. and Christopher L. Algiere to Stephanie Ann and James T. Scibek, property in East St. Clair Township, $225,900.

Robert N. and Audrey Van Wyk to Taylor K. Emeigh and Zachary K. Claycomb, property in Colerain Township, $264,000.

Alan L. Kephart to Bradley Alan and Lucia Cicala Denhard, property in Kimmel Township, $25,000.

SB Timberlands LLC to Colleen A. and Gregory M. Liposchak, property in Mann Township, $50,000.

SB Timberlands LLC to Colleen A. and Gregory M. Liposchak, property in Mann Township, $75,000.

Nancy A. and Stephen R. Lee to Lois and Dwayne Alspaugh, property in Southampton Township, $79,900.

Jedreck A. and Kim L. Brubaker to Justin M. and Kesha J. Keel, property in Bedford Township, $258,000.

Carrie A. Foster Miller, Carrie A. Foster Miller, Carrie A. Foster-Miller and Lee C. Miller to Alexis E. Snyder and Alan W. Barnes II, property in Liberty Township, $135,000.

Bay H. and David B. Mackall to Lois D. and James N. Clymer, property in Bedford Township, $125,000.

Robert P. and Donna Fyfe to Marjorie D. Fyfe, property in East St Clair Township, $25,029.

Kesha J. and Justin M. Keel to Alyxandra Ayn Ibarra, property in Bedford Borough, $153,200.

Chase W. Ryan to Richard J. and Lindsay D. Moskey, property in Londonderry Township, $116,000.

Huntingdon County

Carol J Kulp Estate to Chris A. and Joleen M. Keister, property in Shirley Township, $60,000.

Mindy Patricia Wommer to Patrick K. Briggs Jr., property in Shirley Township, $85,000.

Kevin Glass to Vally Haven Estates LLC, property in Todd Township, $335,000.

Elsie L. and Elsie Louise McClain Estate to Joseph Fisher, property in Union Township, $38,000.

Gary L. and Linda J. Matter to Rosalie and Frank Bergman, property in Union Township, $394,900.

Carl B. Lynn Trust to Lori L. Stevens, property in Walker Township, $242,050.

Trent A. Miller to Michael C. and Brenda W. Cox, property in Cromwell Township, $87,500.

Judith L. Jaxtheimer to Dusty J. Wasnick, property in Dublin Township, $50,000.

Grafton and Jody Bruce, Kenneth E. Long and James E. Ice to Charles Steven Schoberg, property in Henderson Township, $25,000.

Jill Adams to Brian J. Smith, property in Huntingdon Borough, $212,000.

Benjamin P. Lang to Wrangler Services LLC, property in Huntingdon Borough, $67,500.

Arthur J. and Sharon S. DeCamp to Cole J. Handerhan, property in Huntingdon Borough, $285,000.

Christopher E. Holderman to Anata L. Trice, property in Mount Union Borough, $90,000.

David A. and Jamie L. Carolus to Elizabeth G. Whitmore and Thomas M. Lane, property in Petersburg Borough, $149,000.

Elijah B. and Kathleen C. Hawk to Keith G. and Betsy L. Gorney, property in Shirley Township, $394,000.

Timothy L. and Lori L. Kyle to Lauren N. Tononi, property in Smithfield Township, $162,000.

Ronald L. and Zea C. Shultz to Gregory Alan and Trudy L. Kniss, property in Todd Township, $189,900.

Bruce A. and Kelley L. Beinhaur to Zachary J. and Alissa C. Cardenas Harrison, property in Union Township, $190,000.

David A. and Kristen S. Butz to Jacob Edward and Jordan Patricia Coffman, property in Union Township, $89,000.

Mary Anne Port to Cheryl L. Eberle, property in Walker Township, $239,900.

Brice E. Alleman to Melissa Elaine Boyle and Barry Steven Yeager Jr, property in Walker Township, $180,000.

Kimberly A. Brett, Kimberly A., and Frederick R. Davino to Kyle and Alexis Thompson, property in Walker Township, $260,000.

David S. and Toni J. Parker to Genevieve S. Christ, property in Warriors Mark Township, $160,000.

John D. and Melissa K. Russell to Russell Land Investments LLC, property in Warriors Mark Township, $235,960.

Paul M. and Frances L. Rubal to Danny Jr. and Laura C. Grassmyer, property in Warriors Mark Township, $315,000.

Steven Harman to David A. and Jamie L. Carolus, property in West Township, $235,000.


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