Behind the desk: Reclamere

Name: Joe Harford

Address: 905 Pennsylvania Ave., Tyrone

Telephone: 814-684-5505

Position: Founder and


Years with company: Started Reclamere in May 2001

Family: Wife, Karen; three boys: Naithan, Matthew and Michael; granddaughter, Norah; and two dogs, Lacie and Remi.

What products or services does your company provide? Reclamere has been providing IT asset management services and cybersecurity support since 2001. More specifically, the company works with all types of small businesses to help protect their most important asset — their data.

Who are your customers? Many of our customers are in health care, financial services, education and government. That is not to say that we do not help others, simply the majority are in the fields mentioned.

What is your business day like? My business partner, Angie Singer Keating, and I are responsible for the management of the company. She is responsible for marketing, financial oversight, and is the company’s subject matter expert. My responsibilities include driving sales activity, operational oversight, and strategic management. My day focuses on the best ways that Reclamere can drive value for our customers and helping the organization deliver that value.

What is the best business advice you have received? To focus on what “I” do best and find others that are great at what I am not and let them do their job.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned on the job? You must be focused, determined and resilient. Entrepreneurship is not an easy game and without the focus, determination and resilience you cannot be successful.

What does the future hold? The future will always be uncertain and yet in that uncertainty lies hope for better days. Each day is a journey to be more self-aware, deliver better value for your customers, find ways to laugh with those you work and be satisfied with your accomplishments. The future will never be easy, but what fun is there in easy?

What have you read lately that has influenced your business life? I was given the opportunity to teach several entrepreneurship classes at Juniata College in Huntingdon. The greatest influence has come from the students. Being able to debate their ideas and share my perspective has been helpful to me at Reclamere.

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