Gardners helps schools with fundraising efforts

TYRONE ­– Gardners Candies is taking an extra step to help schools and other organizations with their fundraising efforts.

The Tyrone-based company this week unveiled a new online program to help those struggling as a result of Coronavirus pandemic.

“It is a 100 percent online program we are doing due to COVID. There is no shipping charge and no minimum purchase. There are over 100 items available. We ship directly to where the order was placed,” said Alicia Grabill, Gardners fundraising coordinator. “We were noticing during Easter when this (COVID-19) happened, schools were not allowing deliveries to the school. Adding the free shipping and no minimum order was an extra way we set up to increase fundraising for schools.”

The Mountain Lion BackPack Program and Moshannon Valley Elementary PTO were among the first to sign up for the new program.

“Gardners Candies’ online ordering program is a great opportunity to raise the much-needed funds to purchase food for kids to have food over the weekends and help us continue our mission to fight childhood hunger in our area,” said Amber Smith, Mountain Lion BackPack program director. “With the pandemic and state restrictions, we are not able to hold events and fundraisers as we have in the past. Gardners Candies is providing us with a great platform to continue our fundraising efforts, keeping the safety of our supporters and volunteers in mind. Also, it allows those who are not in the area to be able to support the Mountain Lion BackPack program and enjoy some delicious Gardners Candies.”

Moshannon Valley Elementary PTO was pleased to be able to partner with Gardners Candies for its annual fall fundraiser.

“The profit from this sale is our main source of funds for the school year. The new online ordering program has made it possible for us to run our fundraiser in a time where things are changing day to day. Families are now able to participate in our traditional sale or order their items online with free shipping on all orders,” said Melissa Elensky, elementary teacher and PTO co-treasurer. “We are thankful that Gardners Candies has created such a great program that allows local groups to raise money for their organization while keeping the safety of the community in mind.”

Smith said sales should increase as the holidays approach.

“With the holiday season around the corner, more people are going to be doing their shopping online and this is a great way for them to buy their holiday candy and support an important cause that helps those directly in our area,” Smith said.

To participate in the new online program, organizations should call 800-242-2639 to be set up with a fundraising account, Grabill said.

Mirror Staff Writer Walt Frank is at 946-7467.


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