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SilcoTek to host Nobel laureate

BELLEFONTE — SilcoTek, a global coatings company based in Bellefonte, will host Rai Weiss, a winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, at the firm’s headquarters on Thursday.

Weiss won the award in 2017 for achievements related to detecting gravitational waves. Weiss will use SilcoTek’s coating technology to improve the efficiency and feasibility of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory.

Weiss will give a presentation at SilcoTek’s facility about how the company’s coating technology could play a key role in further advancement of LIGO.

SilcoTek will broadcast a live stream to the public. Virtual seats are limited, so anyone interested should email info@

silcotek.com with subject line “Rai Weiss” to receive the broadcast link.

UGI warns of phone scam

A number of UGI customers have received phone calls that falsely claim that customers owe money for their energy bills and are in danger of imminent shut-off.

The calls appear to come from UGI, but customers are then told to call a different number to make a payment within 30 minutes or risk termination of service.

These phone calls are not generated by UGI or an agent of the company, nor is this the normal process that UGI would follow if a customer is not current on their account or if the customer is owed a credit on their bill.

UGI advises all of its natural gas and electric residential and commercial customers to provide no information if they receive a suspicious call and to contact UGI at 800-276-2722 if they have questions.

UGI serves 654,000 customers across Pennsylvania, including parts of Bedford, Blair, Centre, Clearfield and Huntingdon counties.


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